A. Schwab Dry Goods Store is the sole remaining original business on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. A family owned store, their motto is "If you can't find it at A. Schwab, you're probably better off without it!"

A. Schwab
Image of the A. Schwab building
A. Schwab
A. Schwab's is located in Tennessee
A. Schwab's
A. Schwab's is located in the United States
A. Schwab's
Location163 Beale Street
Coordinates35°08′22″N 90°03′10″W / 35.139542°N 90.052697°W / 35.139542; -90.052697Coordinates: 35°08′22″N 90°03′10″W / 35.139542°N 90.052697°W / 35.139542; -90.052697
Part ofBeale Street Historic District (ID66000731)


Schwab's interior

Established in 1876 by Abraham Joseph Schwab, an Alsatian Jewish immigrant,[1] the store is a local tourist attraction with two floors of shopping and, between the first and second floors, a small balcony which houses the Beale Street Museum, a collection of Beale Street memorabilia along with several items and records of the Schwab family, which has run the store throughout its lifetime. It began as a men's haberdashery, transitioned to a dry goods store, and later evolved into a seller of quirky merchandise. Products include various hoodoo items, assorted dry goods, and tourist memorabilia. A. Schwab's was also the retailer of the largest overalls in the world which sold two pair a year. The overalls were so large they hung from the ceiling.

A. Schwab, the oldest store in the Mid-South, is housed in the oldest remaining building on Beale Street. The store was founded at another location on Beale Street and moved to 163 Beale Street in 1911 and expanded into 165 in 1922. Both of these buildings were constructed before 1890. Prior to the expansion, 165 Beale housed a Piggly Wiggly.

After 136 years of ownership, the Schwab family sold the business at the end of 2011.