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Asociación Deportiva Isidro Metapán, also known simply as Isidro Metapán, is a Salvadoran sports club based in Metapán, Santa Ana, El Salvador.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][excessive citations]

Isidro Metapán
Full nameAsociación Deportiva
Isidro Metapán
Nickname(s)Los Caleros
Los Cementeros (The Cementers)
Los Jaguares (The Jaguars)
Founded1950 (as Isidro Menéndez)
GroundEstadio Jorge Calero Suárez,
Metapán, El Salvador
ChairmanRafael Morataya[1][2][3]
ManagerEdwin Portillo
LeaguePrimera División
Apertura 20185th

It is best known for its professional football team, which plays in the Primera División, the top tier of the El Salvador football league system, and is one of the most successful club in El Salvador football history, having won 10 national titles.[13]

Isidro Metapán was founded in 2000, after the merger of Isidro Menéndez and Metapán FC. The club had its period of greatest success in the 2000s.[14][15]

Since the formation of the Apertura/Clausura, A.D. Isidro Metapán has been the dominant club in El Salvador football, winning ten championships. Their traditional local rivals are FAS.

Since the beginning of the 2000–01 season, A.D. Isidro Metapán has played its home games at the Estadio Jorge Calero Suárez.The team colours are blue, red and white, and the team crest shows the white and blue and the Jaguar. The club has other departments in basketball, and others.


Present historyEdit

In 2000, Metapán FC and Isidro Menéndez, two Second Division strugglers, chose to merge. In 2001, the newly born club won promotion to the Primera División with a 3–2 playoff win over Jocoro FC.

The club quickly consolidated their position as a mid-table side, and starting in Apertura 2004 began making title pushes. They qualified for the playoffs for the first time that year by defeating Luis Ángel Firpo in a fourth place playoff. In Apertura 2005, they finished the regular atop the table, defeated Once Municipal in the semi-finals, and only fell short of their first title after a 2–0 extra time loss to Vista Hermosa.

In Clausura 2007, the club finally bettered that result, taking home their first ever championship with a 1–0 extra time win over Luis Ángel Firpo. That qualified the team for the CONCACAF Champions League for the very first time, although they did not get past the preliminary rounds.

Over the next several years, Isidro Metapán began to surpass the traditional powers of Salvadoran football (FAS, Firpo, Alianza, and Águila). They won their second title in a penalty shootout over Chalatenango in Apertura 2008, then defended their crown in Clausura 2009 with a 1–0 win over Luis Ángel Firpo. Alexander Amaya scored that winner in the 58th minute.

After a near miss in the Apertura 2009, Isidro returned to the top for the third time in four seasons by winning the championship of Clausura 2010. Léster Blanco and Paolo Suárez each scored in a 3–2 win over Águila. In each season from 2007–2010, the club had won the title at least once. They would win it for a fourth time in five in Apertura 2010, beating Alianza 4–3 in a penalty shootout.

2011–2012 was the most successful season in club history. It started in the summer, in the CONCACAF Champions League. Metapan qualified for the group stages, and a 2–0 win over Mexican team Santos Laguna allowed them to qualify out of the groups into the quarterfinals for the first time. Although UNAM Pumas eliminated them at that stage, it had still been a very successful run.

Meanwhile, domestically, Metapán won a sixth title in eight years with a 1–0 victory over Once Municipal the lone goal coming from Paolo Suárez in the 51st minute.[16]

They narrowly missed a repeat that spring in the Clausura, losing 2–1 to Áquila in the championship match. However, they recovered to win a seventh championship in nine years, defeating Alianza in extra time to win the Apertura 2012. For a moment it looked like the hero would be Metapán's top goal scorer Nicolás Muñoz, who scored from a free kick in extra time.[17] However Sean Fraser of Alianza equalized with a header, forcing the match into penalties. After a dramatic shootout, Isidro Metapán won 6–5.[18]

They won their 8th title in Apertura 2013, beating FAS 1–0 on a goal from Andrés Flores in the 85th minute.[19]

On 25 May 2014 Isidro Metapán won the Primera División title for the ninth time in the club history, defeating Dragón on penalties 6–5.[20]

  1. 10 came in Apertura 2014, as Metapán defeated Águila in penalties 3–2. Once again, Nicolás Muñoz played an important role in taking the match to penalties with an extra time goal.[21]


Shirt sponsors and manufacturersEdit

Season Kit Manufacturer Sponsors
2000 Milán CESSA
2001–02 Milán CESSA, Texaco, Coca-Cola
2003–04 Milán CESSA
2005 Milán CESSA
2006 Milán CESSA, Tigo, Hankook
2007 Milán Tigo, Dunlop
2008 Milán Tigo, Arroz San Pedro, Salazar
2009 Milán Bimbo, Tigo, Salazar, MK Medicementos
2010 Milán Bimbo, Tigo, Cartan Global
2011–13 Milán Bimbo, Holcim, Arroz San Pedro
2014–2015 Milán Bimbo, Holcim, Arroz San Pedro, Don Chilo
2016–2017 Milán Gumarsal, Concentrados, AgroAmigo, Arroz San Pedro, Don Chilo,, Industrias La Constancia
2017– Milán Arroz San Pedro,Gumarsal

Home stadiumsEdit

The team currently plays in the Estadio Jorge Calero Suárez. The stadium is located in Metapán, Santa Ana. A new stadium is currently being built and is expected to be finished in the year 2015 or 2016


Performance in International competitionsEdit

Best: First Round 2007
2007: First Round
Best: Quarter-final 2011–12
2008–09: Preliminary Round
2009–10: Group stage
2010–11: Preliminary Round
2011–12: Quarter-final
2012–13: Group stage
2013–14: Group stage
2014–15: Group stage
2015–16: Group stage
Best: Runner-up 2011
2011: Runner-up

Records and statisticsEdit

for details List of A.D. Isidro Metapan records and statistics

Metapan have won 10 domestic trophies, including the league ten times. From 2009 to 2011, the club won five successive league titles, equalling the all-time record.

Current squadEdit

[22]Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1   GK Oscar Pleitéz
2   DF Milton Molina
3   DF César Monterrosa
5   DF Moisés Mejía
6   MF Paolo Suárez
8   MF Iván Suazo
9   FW Mckauly Tulloch
11   FW José Díaz
12   MF Jaime Ortíz
14   MF Marcos Rodríguez
15   MF Fabricio Alfaro
16   MF Cristian Renderos
No. Position Player
17   MF Gerardo Guirola
21   DF Marvin Figueroa
23   MF Cristian Cisneros
24   GK Giovanny Anaya
25   GK Luis Contreras
26   DF Marvin Molina
27   FW Carlos García
28   MF Geovany Molina
30   DF Julio Cerritos
  DF Jhony Rios
  FW Heiner Caicedo
  FW Lucas Dos Santos

Out on loanEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
  FW TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
  MF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
No. Position Player
  MF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
  DF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
  MF Geovany Molina (From TBA)
  DF Marvin Molina (From TBA)
  FW David Diaz (From Aguila)
-   FW Ricardinho (Santa Tecla)
No. Position Player
  DF Julio Cerritos (From Brujos de Izalco)
  FW McKauly Tulloch (From Audaz)
  FW TBD (From TBA)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
  Fernando Hernández (To TBA)
  José Ramos (To TBA)
9   FW Antonio Benvenutti (To)
  Jonathan Barrios (To Audaz)
No. Position Player
  GK José Mejía (To Audaz)
4   DF Adán Reyes (To)
30   FW Mark Léster Blanco (To)
11   MF Leonardo Ferreira (To)

Players with dual citizenshipEdit

Reserve squadEdit

As of 2018: Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
31   Jorge Cisneros
32   Walter Lemus
33   José Murcia
34   Denis Monterroza
35   Vladimír Ochoa
36   Dennis Martínez
38   Edgardo Olivares
39   Félix Mazariego
40   Brayan Ortega
42   Raúl Orellana
No. Position Player
44   Fredi Mazariego
45   Kevin Landaverde
48   José Lemus
49   Walter Molina
50   Walter López Girón
51   Néstor Alfaro
52   Kevin Vidal Galdámez
54   Jorge Aguilar
56   Luis Santos
60   Roberto Carlos Reyes

Current coaching staffEdit

As of Dec 2018.
Position Name
Manager   Edwin Portillo
Assistant manager   Samuel Maldonado
Reserve manager   Héctor Mejía
Under 17 Manager   Jose Oswaldo Figueroa
Goalkeeper coach   Julio Hernandez
Physical Trainer   Rene Ramirez
Female manager and under 17   Edelio Ramirez
Utility   William Martinez and Jonathan Avelar
Kinesiologo   Roberto Antonio Bayona


Position Name
Owner   Asociación Deportiva Isidro Metapán
President   Rafael Morataya
Vice President
Administrative Manager   Fredy Vega
Representative of the Isidro Metapan club   Roberto Campos

List of notable players numbers of honourEdit

15  Retired in 2011 in recognition of goalkeeper Álvaro Misael Alfaro. Alfaro was a major player for Metapán who suffered a neck injury which forced him to retire from the game. In 2011, the number was brought out of retirement and given to back-up goalkeeper.[23]

18  Retired in 2011 in recognition of midfielder Nelson Rivera. Rivera was shot in the head and died after unknown gunmen attacked the car he was traveling in. The number was brought out of retirement in 2012.[23]

20  Retired in 2015 in recognition of midfielder Héctor Mejía. Mejía was a long serving and major player for Metapán, he participated in all 10 of Metapán title victories. He retired as Metapán most decorated and most capped player in their history.

List of notable playersEdit

Notable playersEdit

One-club menEdit

Name Nationality Position Metapan
Last Match
Enllelbert González   GK 1997 2011
Milton Molina   DF 2008 TBD
Edwin Portillo   DF 1979 1990
Erick Dowson Prado   DF 2002 2011
Héctor Mejía   MF 2000 2015
Oscar Pleitez   MF 2014 TBD

List of coachesEdit

Isidro Metapán has had 11 permanent managers since the club was formed after the merger of Metapán FC and Isidro Menéndez FC. Edwin Portillo holds the record for most championships won with the club with 7, longest-serving manager in terms of time consecutively of time with 8 years between 2006 and 2013, and most tenures as coach of Metapán with 4. Jorge Rodríguez the current manager holds the record with most consecutive titles with three. This list also includes the coaches who coached CESSA/Metapán FC and Isidro Menéndez


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