9 (Los Angeles Railway)

9 was a streetcar line in Los Angeles, California. It was operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1932 to 1955.

OwnerLos Angeles Railway
LocaleLos Angeles
SystemLos Angeles Railway
Daily ridership10,459 (1940)[1]
OpenedJune 12, 1932 (1932-06-12)
ClosedMay 22, 1955 (1955-05-22)
Track gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Electrification600 V DC overhead line
Route map

3rd and Santa Fe
3rd and Hewitt
2nd and Alameda
2nd and Central
2nd and San Pedro
2nd and Los Angeles
2nd and Main
2nd and Spring
 7   8 
Broadway and 2nd
 P   W   5 
Broadway and 3rd
Broadway and 4th
Broadway and 5th
Broadway and 6th
Broadway and 7th
 J   R   S 
Broadway and 8th
Broadway and 9th
Broadway Place
Broadway and 11th
Broadway and 12th
Broadway and Pico
Pico and Hill
Pico and Grand
 J   P 
Grand and 14th
Grand and Venice
Grand and 18th
Grand and Washington
Grand and 21st
Grand and 23rd
Grand and Adams
Grand and 28th
Grand and 30th
Grand and Jefferson
 F   J 
Grand and 37th
Grand and 39th
Santa Barbara and Figueroa
Santa Barbara and Hoover
Hoover and 42nd
Hoover and Vernon
Hoover and 48th
private ROW and Vermont
private ROW and Kansas
Vermont Square
48th and Normandie
48th and Halldale
48th and Denker
48th and Harvard
48th and Western
48th and St. Andrews
48th and Wilton
48th and Arlington
48th and 2nd Avenue
48th and 4th Avenue
48th and 6th Avenue
48th and 8th Avenue
48th and 10th Avenue
48th and Crenshaw


When the M Line was split up in 1932, the segments on 48th and 54th Streets were spun off into their own service: the 9 car. It ran from 48th and Crenshaw to 54th and Crenshaw, in a "U" shaped routing via Downtown.[2]

Map of services; 1934–1939 routing of the 9 is in red

The service was rerouted in 1934, with the outbound terminal remaining at 48th and Crenshaw and cars running to the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway's La Grande Station on tracks used by the 7. (Former tracks were taken over by 8 service.)[2] The line ran from 3rd Street and Santa Fe Avenue to 48th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, by way of 3rd Street, 2nd Street Broadway, Pico Boulevard, Grand Avenue, Santa Barbara Avenue, Hoover Street, and 48th Street.[3]

The line was again rerouted in 1939 as the 48th Street segment of the old 9 was combined with portions of the former 2 and 10 cars. At the intersection of Pasadena and Broadway, the line split into two branches: one to Montecito Drive and one to Mission Road. With the recent opening of Union Station and closure of La Grande Station, the segment of Los Angeles Railway tracks leading to the old facility also abandoned. The branch to Montecito Drive via Griffin Avenue was abandoned in April 1948.[2] Service on the whole line ended after May 22, 1955[4] when the line was converted to bus operations.


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