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The 7th Indie Series Awards were held on April 6, 2016 at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles, with the ceremony hosted by Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley.[1] Presented by We Love Soaps, the awards recognize independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the web.[2]

7th Indie Series Awards
DateApril 6, 2016 (2016-04-06)
SiteEl Portal Theater, Los Angeles
Hosted byEric Martsolf and Jen Lilley
Most nominationsWinterthorne (13)


The nominees were announced on February 3, 2016, with Winterthorne receiving a record-tying 13 nominations.[3] The awards were given on April 6, 2016.[1] Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface:

Best Web Series — Drama
Best Web Series — Comedy
Best Directing — Drama
Best Directing — Comedy
  • Behn Fannin, F'd
    • Matt Newcomb & Caley Bisson, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Keith Powell, Keith Broke His Leg
    • Julian Stamboulieh, LARPs
    • Sebastian La Cause, Life's a Drag
    • Aleksander L. Nordaas, Made in Mosjøen
Best Writing — Drama
  • Michael Caruso, Winterthorne
    • Chloe de Souza & Nick Rusconi, Arthur
    • Adam Kosh & Ariane Bessette, The Banks
    • Adam Henry Garcia, Conversations From the Afterlife
    • Kit Williamson, EastSiders
    • CJ Daugherty, Night School
Best Writing — Comedy
Best Lead Actor — Drama
Best Lead Actor — Comedy
Best Lead Actress — Drama
Best Lead Actress — Comedy
  • Melissa Archer, Viral
    • Laura Campbell, Livin' The Dream
    • Claire Downs, These People
    • Crista Flanagan, Club 5150
    • Jill Knox, Keith Broke His Leg
    • Amber Nash, Hart of America
Best Supporting Actor — Drama
Best Supporting Actor — Comedy
  • Brennan Murray, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    • Barry Brisco, Viral
    • Christopher Chwee, Rare Birds of Fashion
    • James "Prince" Coley, The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame
    • John Cramer, He's With Me
    • David Starzyk, Cam Girls
Best Supporting Actress — Drama
Best Supporting Actress — Comedy
  • Darcie Siciliano, He's With Me
    • Stephanie Ray Glass, The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame
    • Carolyn Hennesy, These People
    • Ginifer King, Life's a Drag
    • Kathleen Littlefield, Redheads Anonymous
    • Paula Rhodes, Hollywood Wasteland
Best Guest Actor — Drama
Best Guest Actor — Comedy
  • Stephen Guarino, Life's a Drag
    • Jim Beaver, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    • Craig Cackowski, F'd
    • Hunter Parrish, Town Car Willie
    • Jim Rash, These People
    • Fred Willard, Hart of America
Best Guest Actress — Drama
Best Guest Actress — Comedy
Best Ensemble — Drama
Best Ensemble — Comedy
  • Hunting Season
    • Club 5150
    • CO-OPeration
    • He's With Me
    • Single and Dating in Vancouver
    • These People
Best Original Song
  • "Happily Ever After," Or So the Story Goes (by Judith Avers)
    • "Hold On To Your Heart," Hart of America (by Kevin Gillese, Chris Rittelmeyer & Benjamin Scott Holst)
    • "Sooner or Later," Life of Matt (by Tim Bader)
    • "All Alone, Brutus and Caesar," New Mayor of New York (by Ethan Slater & Isaac Jay)
    • "Redheads Unite!" Redheads Anonymous (by Sam Carner & Derek Gregor)
    • "Sexy, Suave, and Single," The Under 5ers (by Sami Horneff)
Best Soundtrack
  • Brandon Russell & DJ Amen Ra, The Beat & Path: Walk of Shame
    • Adam Henry Garcia, Conversations From the Afterlife
    • Grant Pavolka, Hunting Season
    • Frank Leone, In Retrospect
    • Julian Stamboulieh, LARPs
    • Judith Avers, Or So the Story Goes
Best Original Score
  • Robb Padgett, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Jason Chan, Bang Bang Club
    • Luke Wieting, BLACK
    • Amritha Vaz, Cam Girls
    • Michael Shlafman, LARPs
    • Connie Kaldor & Paul Campagne, Nikola Tesla and the End of the World
Best Sound Design
  • Matt R. Sherman, LARPs
    • Richard Hamilton, Conversations From the Afterlife
    • Dan Arthurs, Devolve
    • Robb Padgett, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Roman Chimienti & Jay Pellizzi, Hunting Season
    • Richard Sheehan, Keith Broke His Leg
Best Special/Visual Effects
  • Jake Jarvi & Ryan Wolff, The Platoon of Power Squadron
    • Andrew Lucas, BLACK
    • Adam Henry Garcia, Conversations From the Afterlife
    • Lumen Actus and 6360 Productions, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Andy Batson, Nature Show
    • Lyle Carroll, VTV
Best Cinematography
  • Arnaud Dumas, The Banks
    • Matthias Schubert, The Bay
    • Vincent Pierce, Capitol Hill
    • Matt Newcomb, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Tom Blount & John Collins, Night School
    • Rodolphe Portier, Winterthorne
Best Editing
  • Julian Stamboulieh, LARPs
    • Jason Chan & Christian Lee, Bang Bang Club
    • Larissa Brantner James & Kris Fitzgerald, EastSiders
    • Behn Fannin, F'd
    • Ryan Robert Daggitt, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Jack Jewers & Tom Blount, Night School
Best Makeup
  • Erik Warren, Beth Harvey & Pakio Galore, Capitol Hill
    • Ren Bray, The Bay
    • Tori McKelvey, Drty Diana
    • Sandra Solanchick, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Cathy Vincelli, LARPs
    • Jen Fregozo & James Freitas, Winterthorne
Best Production Design
  • Michael Caruso & Barbara Caruso, Winterthorne
    • Christopher Balder, Capitol Hill
    • Xin Wang, Ex-Model
    • Caley Bisson, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Christina Vincelli, LARPs
    • Katie Moest, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
Best Costume Design
  • Zak Thriepland, LARPs
    • Harmony Arnold & Pete Rush, Capitol Hill
    • Beth Newcomb & Linka Hovasapian, Hollywood Wasteland
    • Derya Derman, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    • Lisette Areizaga, The Southside
    • Nir Shelter & Tai Scrivener, VTV


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