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7 Blue Skies is an alternative rock band formed in 2004. The group is well known for their high energy live performances, as well as for always performing barefoot. The band has since broken up.

7 Blue Skies
OriginOrlando, Florida, USA
GenresAlternative rock
Years active2004 — 2009
LabelsE-Klectrik Music Group
Website7 Blue Skies on Myspace
MembersRick Garitta - Lead vocals/Guitar
Jon Shaffer - Vocals/Guitar
Andy Stickel - Bass
Kris Ramsay - Drums
Past membersAdam Schulman - Guitar


Band nameEdit

The band's name was chosen following an email from producer Ron Saint Germain, in which Germain signed off "Good luck, 7 blue skies!" The band determined the name to mean "have a nice week," and decided to use the name. This was later revealed to be a typo, as the intended line was "Good luck & blue skies!" (the & is located above the 7 key).[1]


Jon Shaffer, Adam Schulman and Andy Stickel formed the band and posted an ad online for a singer and drummer in 2004. Ramsay and Garitta responded to the ad and arranged a rehearsal and from there the band was born. The group entered the studio to begin recording what would be their first release 'Exhausted' in May 2004 with producers Sam Verella and Jason Laughton.

The album was released in the summer of 2005, and saw sales of several thousand copies. The album attracted the attention of Mike Grippo, an A&R from E-Klectrik Music Group, a division of the GoDigital Media Group.[2] On February 28, 2007 the group signed to E-Klectrik Music Group and began working on their next release, "Last Night."[3]

Although failing to appear in the Billboard Charts, "Last Night" saw strong sales with more than 20,000 units[4] shipped in its first week, and was greeted by fans at a sold out album release concert at The Social in Orlando, Florida on July 7, 2007 (07/07/07). The event was dubbed by Axis Magazine as one of the top ten events in Orlando in the summer of 2007.[5]

Schulman's departureEdit

In March 2008 the group left E-Klectrik Music Group and parted ways with guitarist Adam Schulman. Upon Schulman's departure, Rick Garitta began playing guitar in addition to continuing to provide lead vocals. Schulman was the only member of the band to not perform barefoot.

Promotional videosEdit

The group frequently uploads homemade promotional videos. On St. Patrick's Day of 2009 the group uploaded a video of guitarist Jon Shaffer and bassist Andy Stickel waking singer Rick Garitta up with a leaf blower. This video is a follow-up to the Kung Fu parody released less than two weeks prior, featuring Rick Garitta and Andy Stickel squaring off with Dave Medairos of the band Traverser. These videos can be found on the group's YouTube and Vimeo pages.[6][7]

Appearances in film and televisionEdit

The group's music has been featured in movies and television shows around the world. In early 2009, the group was featured on The Edge television show.[8] The group can also be frequently heard on the soundtracks of many European television shows. Most recently, Disappearing Act was included on the Belgian television show Shockproof.

In 2008, the song AOS and was included on the soundtrack of Loaded (2008) starring Jesse Metcalfe.[9]


Jon Shaffer is currently sponsored by Fryette Amplification[10] and Andy Stickel is sponsored by Warwick basses,[11] although he began playing Ernie Ball basses in 2008.


The band is known for occasionally covering Cake songs and performing them live. On 07/07/07, the band covered "The Distance" and was joined on stage by a three piece horn section, backup singers and a Vibraslap player. The performance was included on their first DVD 7 Blue Skies - Live @ The Social. More recently the group covered "Arco Arena" and "Comfort Eagle," the performances of which will be included on their upcoming DVD Traversing The Blue Skies.

In 2008, Adam Monroe of Ashes Divide covered "Last Night" on piano.[12]


The name "JP Sergens" is given credit for many different job titles associated with the group. He sometimes appears under management or creative director. Most notably, he appears as the art director for the album "Last Night". The band claims that they have never actually met Mr. Sergens.

Plans for future albumsEdit

In a late 2008 interview with MTV,[13] Rick Garitta confirmed that the band is currently recording its third full-length album, with a release date yet to be determined. Garitta also confirmed that the band has been in close talks with several record labels, although a deal has yet to be reached.



  • Exhausted - 2005 Independent Release
  • Last Night - 2007 E-Klectrik Music Group


  • 7 Blue Skies - Live @ The Social - 2008 Independent Release
  • Traversing The Blue Skies - Date TBD Independent Release


Year Song Album
2006 "Exhausted" Exhausted
2007 "Last Night" Last Night
2007 "Waiting" Last Night


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