5th Golden Rooster Awards

The 5th Golden Rooster Award honoring the best in film of 1985, was given in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, May 23, 1985.[1]

Winners & NomineesEdit

Best Film Best Director
Best Children Film Best Writing
  • 我和我的同学们
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Chinese Opera Film Best Documentary
  • 五女拜寿
  • 零的突破
    • 老北京的叙说
Best Animation Best Popular Science Film
  • 火童
  • 广开节能之路
  • 细胞重建
Best Cinematography Best Art Direction
Best Music Best Sound Recording
Best Editing Best Property
  • N/A
    • Thunderstorm-Qian Zhangxiong/Lin Youxing
    • Tan Sitong-Chen Xiancheng/Yang Zhoumin
Best Custome Best Make Up
  • N/A
  • N/A
Best Stunt
  • N/A

Special AwardEdit


  1. ^ People DailyMay 24, 1985: 第五届金鸡奖和第八届百花奖授奖大会在成都举行

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