4th U-boat Flotilla

The 4th U-boat Flotilla (German 4. Unterseebootsflottille) was formed in May 1941 in Stettin under the command of Kapitänleutnant Werner Jacobsen. Nearly 300 boats received their basic training at the flotilla. The flotilla was disbanded in May 1945.[1]

4th U-boat Flotilla
ActiveRaised 1941, Dissolved 1945
Country Nazi Germany
Branch Kriegsmarine
TypeU-boat flotilla
Kapitänleutnant Werner Jacobsen
(May 1941 – June 1942)
Kapitänleutnant Fritz Frauenheim
(July 1942)
Fregattenkapitän Heinz Fischer
(August 1942 – May 1945)

Flotilla CommandersEdit

Duration Rank Commander
May 1941 - June 1942 Kapitänleutnant Werner Jacobsen
July 1942 - July 1942 Kapitänleutnant Fritz Frauenheim[2]
August 1942 - May 1945 Fregattenkapitän Heinz Fischer[3]

U-boats of the FlotillaEdit

U-37 U-38 U-78 U-118 U-119 U-129 U-130
U-131 U-153 U-154 U-155 U-156 U-157 U-158
U-159 U-160 U-161 U-162 U-163 U-164 U-165
U-166 U-167 U-168 U-169 U-170 U-171 U-172
U-173 U-174 U-175 U-176 U-177 U-178 U-179
U-180 U-181 U-182 U-183 U-184 U-185 U-186
U-187 U-188 U-189 U-190 U-191 U-192 U-193
U-194 U-195 U-196 U-197 U-198 U-199 U-200
U-219 U-220 U-233 U-290 U-317 U-318 U-319
U-320 U-321 U-322 U-323 U-324 U-325 U-326
U-327 U-328 U-351 U-370 U-459 U-460 U-461
U-462 U-463 U-464 U-475 U-487 U-488 U-489
U-490 U-504 U-505 U-506 U-507 U-508 U-509
U-510 U-511 U-512 U-513 U-514 U-515 U-516
U-517 U-518 U-519 U-520 U-521 U-522 U-523
U-524 U-525 U-526 U-527 U-528 U-529 U-530
U-531 U-532 U-533 U-534 U-535 U-536 U-537
U-538 U-539 U-540 U-541 U-542 U-543 U-544
U-545 U-546 U-547 U-548 U-549 U-550 U-579
U-676 U-801 U-802 U-803 U-804 U-805 U-806
U-821 U-822 U-841 U-842 U-843 U-844 U-845
U-846 U-847 U-848 U-849 U-850 U-851 U-852
U-853 U-854 U-855 U-856 U-857 U-858 U-859
U-860 U-861 U-862 U-863 U-864 U-865 U-866
U-867 U-868 U-869 U-870 U-871 U-872 U-873
U-874 U-875 U-876 U-877 U-878 U-879 U-880
U-881 U-883 U-889 U-901 U-925 U-926 U-927
U-928 U-929 U-930 U-1025 U-1221 U-1222 U-1223
U-1234 U-1301 U-1302 U-1303 U-1304 U-1305 U-1306
U-1307 U-1308 U-2321 U-2322 U-2323 U-2324 U-2325
U-2326 U-2336 U-2339 U-2343 U-2346 U-2347 U-2348
U-2349 U-2350 U-2351 U-2352 U-2353 U-2354 U-2355
U-2356 U-2357 U-2358 U-2359 U-2360 U-2361 U-2362
U-2363 U-2364 U-2365 U-2366 U-2367 U-2368 U-2369
U-2371 U-3001 U-3002 U-3003 U-3004 U-3005 U-3006
U-3007 U-3008 U-3009 U-3010 U-3011 U-3012 U-3013
U-3014 U-3015 U-3016 U-3017 U-3018 U-3019 U-3020
U-3021 U-3022 U-3023 U-3024 U-3025 U-3026 U-3027
U-3028 U-3029 U-3030 U-3031 U-3032 U-3033 U-3034
U-3035 U-3037 U-3038 U-3039 U-3040 U-3041 U-3044


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