3rd Bangladesh National Film Awards

The 3rd Bangladesh National Film Awards (Bengali: জাতীয় চলচ্চিত্র পুরস্কার) were given by the Government of Bangladesh for releases in 1977. It was the third ceremony of National Film Awards. Every year, a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entry. This year awards were given by Ziaur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh, at the Vice President's House in Dhaka on January 9, 1979.[1]

3rd Bangladesh National Film Awards
Awarded forBest of Bangladeshi cinema in 1977
Awarded byPresident of Bangladesh
Presented byMinistry of Information
Announced onJune 17, 1978
Presented onJanuary 9, 1979 (January 9, 1979)
SiteVice President's House, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Official websitemoi.gov.bd
Best Feature FilmBosundhora
Best ActorBulbul Ahmed
Simana Periye
Best ActressBobita
Most awardsBosundhora (5)

List of winners edit

This year awards were given in total 11 categories. Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Child Artist, and Best Male Playback Singer awards were not given this year.

Merit awards edit

Name of Awards Winner(s) Film
Best Film Subhash Dutta (Producer) Bosundhora
Best Director Subhash Dutta Bosundhora
Best Actor Bulbul Ahmed Simana Periye[2]
Best Actress Bobita Bosundhora[3]
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Shabana Janani
Best Music Director Azad Rahman Jadur Bashi
Best Female Playback Singer Runa Laila Jadur Bashi (Jadu Bina Pakhi)[4]

Technical awards edit

Name of Awards Winner(s) Film
Best Screenplay Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury Jadur Bashi
Best Dialogue Alamgir Kabir Simana Periye[5]
Best Cinematography (Black and White) Reza Latif Ananta Prem
Best Cinematography (Color) MA Mobin Simana Periye
Best Art Director Mohiuddin Faruque Bosundhora[6]
Best Editing Bashir Hossain Simana Periye
Best Sound Editing Mohiuddin Faruque Bosundhora

Achievements edit

  • Bobita won her third award in Best Actress category.[7]

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