39th New Brunswick Legislature

The 39th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between April 4, 1940, and July 10, 1944.

William George Clark served as Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

F. A. McGrand was chosen as speaker.

The Liberal Party led by Allison Dysart formed the government. Dysart was replaced by John B. McNair in March 1940.

List of membersEdit

Electoral District Name Party
Saint John County Alphonso C. Smith Conservative
Robert McAllister Conservative
York C. Hedley Forbes Conservative
Charles Price Conservative
Ford Messer Conservative
Arthur J. McEvoy Conservative
Westmorland Austin C. Taylor Liberal
Frank H. Copp Liberal
Édouard S. Léger Liberal
A. W. McQueen Liberal
Kings Elmore T. Kennedy Conservative
Hugh Mackay Conservative
Harry A. McMackin Conservative
Queens W. Benton Evans Conservative
J. Arthur Moore Conservative
Charlotte J.J. Hayes Doone Liberal
R. Fraser Keay Liberal
Foster Calder Liberal
Alexander Dyas Liberal
Northumberland William S. Anderson Liberal
Richard J. Gill Liberal
Hidulphe A. Savoie Liberal
Frederick M. Tweedie Liberal
Sunbury Walter C. Lawson Liberal
F. A. McGrand Liberal
Kent Isaie Melanson Liberal
Auguste J. Bordage Liberal
A. Allison Dysart[1]
J. Killeen McKee (1940)
Gloucester Clovis T. Richard Liberal
William A. Losier Liberal
J. André Doucet Liberal
F. T. B. Young[2]
Joseph E. Connolly (1940)
Carleton Fred C. Squires Conservative
Gladstone W. Perry Conservative
E. W. Melville Conservative
Restigouche David A. Stewart Conservative
Edward Samuel Mooers Liberal
Albert A. Russell Colpitts Liberal
Harry O. Downey Liberal
Victoria Frederick W. Pirie Liberal
John W. Niles[3]
John B. McNair (1940)
Madawaska J. Gaspard Boucher Liberal
Epiphane P. Nadeau Liberal
Saint John City Ralph G. McInerney Conservative
W. Grant Smith Conservative
W. J. Swanton Conservative
J. Starr Tait Conservative
Moncton Charles H. Blakeney Liberal


  1. ^ resigned to accept appointment as judge
  2. ^ died
  3. ^ resigned


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