30th Street Bridge

The 30th Street Bridge, is a girder bridge that carries vehicular traffic across the Allegheny River between the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Troy Hill and Herrs Island (known by the moniker of Washington's Landing). This is the fourth bridge that has stood on this site. A wooden 19th Century bridge was washed away during an 1882 flood. This was replaced by an arch bridge that spanned the entire width of the Allegheny River; after a 1921 fire destroyed the span across the main channel, the 31st Street Bridge was constructed as a replacement, and this bridge was again relegated to taking traffic to Herrs Island. A 1939 truss bridge then stood on this site, and it was replaced by the current structure as part of the redevelopment of the island to feature condominiums and a business park instead of warehouses and stockyards.

Thirtieth Street Bridge
Coordinates40°27′50″N 79°58′45″W / 40.4640°N 79.9791°W / 40.4640; -79.9791Coordinates: 40°27′50″N 79°58′45″W / 40.4640°N 79.9791°W / 40.4640; -79.9791
Carries2 lanes of 30th Street
CrossesAllegheny River
DesignGirder bridge
Total length105 feet (32 m)
Longest span60 feet (18 m)
Clearance below30 feet (9.1 m)

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