List of crossings of the Allegheny River

This is a list of current bridges and other crossings of the Allegheny River starting from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it joins the Monongahela to form the Ohio River.



Crossing Carries Location Image Coordinates
Fort Duquesne Bridge   I-279 Pittsburgh   40°26′39″N 80°00′33″W / 40.4443°N 80.0093°W / 40.4443; -80.0093
Allegheny River Tunnel Port Authority T Light Rail
Roberto Clemente Bridge 6th Street   40°26′44″N 80°00′12″W / 40.4456°N 80.0033°W / 40.4456; -80.0033
Andy Warhol Bridge 7th Street   40°26′46″N 80°00′05″W / 40.44611°N 80.00139°W / 40.44611; -80.00139
Rachel Carson Bridge 9th Street   40°26′48″N 79°59′59″W / 40.4467°N 79.9998°W / 40.4467; -79.9998
Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge Allegheny Valley Railroad, Capitol Limited (Amtrak train), Norfolk Southern Railway Fort Wayne Line   40°26′54″N 79°59′46″W / 40.4482°N 79.9962°W / 40.4482; -79.9962
Veterans Bridge   I-579   40°27′00″N 79°59′36″W / 40.4499°N 79.9934°W / 40.4499; -79.9934
David McCullough Bridge
(16th Street Bridge)
16th Street   40°27′06″N 79°59′27″W / 40.4517°N 79.9909°W / 40.4517; -79.9909
Herr's Island Railroad Bridge (West Penn Bridge)
(rails removed, crosses back channel only)
Three Rivers Heritage Bicycle Trail  
30th Street Bridge (crosses back channel only) 30th Street  
William R. Prom Memorial Bridge
(31st Street Bridge)
31st Street   40°27′47″N 79°58′33″W / 40.4630°N 79.9758°W / 40.4630; -79.9758
33rd Street Railroad Bridge Allegheny Valley Railroad P&W Subdivision   40°27′57″N 79°58′25″W / 40.4657°N 79.9736°W / 40.4657; -79.9736
Washington Crossing Bridge
(40th Street Bridge)
40th Street Pittsburgh and Millvale   40°28′22″N 79°58′07″W / 40.4728°N 79.9686°W / 40.4728; -79.9686
Senator Robert D. Fleming Bridge
(62nd Street Bridge)
  PA 8 Pittsburgh and Sharpsburg   40°29′28″N 79°56′17″W / 40.4912°N 79.9381°W / 40.4912; -79.9381
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Two Allegheny River Pittsburgh and O'Hara Township   40°29′12″N 79°54′53″W / 40.4867°N 79.9147°W / 40.4867; -79.9147
Highland Park Bridge    Blue Belt/Green Belt   40°29′21″N 79°54′43″W / 40.4891°N 79.9120°W / 40.4891; -79.9120
Brilliant Branch Railroad Bridge Allegheny Valley Railroad Brilliant Branch Pittsburgh and Aspinwall   40°29′12″N 79°54′19″W / 40.4866°N 79.9053°W / 40.4866; -79.9053
Jonathon Hulton Bridge Hulton Road Oakmont and Harmar Township   40°31′42″N 79°50′48″W / 40.5283°N 79.8467°W / 40.5283; -79.8467
Allegheny River Turnpike Bridge[1]   I-76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) Plum and Harmar Township   40°32′14″N 79°49′20″W / 40.5373°N 79.8222°W / 40.5373; -79.8222
Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Bridge Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad   40°32′15″N 79°49′15″W / 40.5376°N 79.8209°W / 40.5376; -79.8209
C. W. Bill Young Lock and Dam (Allegheny River Lock and Dam Three) Allegheny River 40°32′18″N 79°48′55″W / 40.5382°N 79.8154°W / 40.5382; -79.8154
Logans Ferry Mine Tunnel (abandoned) Logans Ferry Coal Mine to Springdale Reliant Energy Power Plant Plum and Springdale 40°32′42″N 79°45′50″W / 40.5450°N 79.7640°W / 40.5450; -79.7640
C.L. Schmitt Bridge (9th Street Bridge) 9th Street New Kensington and Springdale Township
George D. Stuart Bridge
(Tarentum Bridge)
  PA 366 New Kensington and Tarentum  
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Four Allegheny River Lower Burrell and Harrison Township 40°36′54″N 79°43′05″W / 40.6150°N 79.7181°W / 40.6150; -79.7181
Donald R. Lobaugh Bridge (Freeport Bridge)   PA 356 Allegheny Township and Buffalo Township  
Freeport Rail Bridge Norfolk Southern Railway Pittsburgh Line Allegheny Township and Freeport  
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Five Allegheny River Gilpin Township and South Buffalo Township 40°41′00″N 79°39′59″W / 40.6833°N 79.6664°W / 40.6833; -79.6664
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Six Allegheny River Bethel Township and South Buffalo Township 40°43′00″N 79°34′47″W / 40.7167°N 79.5797°W / 40.7167; -79.5797
Ford City Veterans Bridge   PA 128 Ford City and North Buffalo Township
Judge J. Frank Graff Bridge (Kittanning–Ford City Bridge)    US 422 / PA 28 Manor Township and North Buffalo Township  
Kittanning Citizens Bridge  
US 422 Bus.
Kittanning and West Kittanning  
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Seven Allegheny River 40°49′06″N 79°31′41″W / 40.8183°N 79.5281°W / 40.8183; -79.5281
Bridgeburg Rail Bridge Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad mainline, formerly the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Rayburn Township and East Franklin Township
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Eight Allegheny River Pine Township and Washington Township 40°53′42″N 79°28′41″W / 40.8950°N 79.4780°W / 40.8950; -79.4780
Reesedale Railroad Bridge Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad, Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad branch
Allegheny River Lock and Dam Nine Allegheny River Madison Township and Washington Township 40°57′18″N 79°32′53″W / 40.9550°N 79.5481°W / 40.9550; -79.5481
Sergeant Carl F. Curran II Bridge (East Brady Bridge)   PA 68 East Brady and Brady's Bend Township  
Parker Bridge   PA 368 Perry Township and Parker  
Foxburg Bridge   PA 58 Foxburg and Hovey Township  
Emlenton Bridge   I-80 Richland Township and Allegheny Township  
Emlenton Low Level Bridge   PA 38 Emlenton   41°10′33″N 79°42′29″W / 41.1757°N 79.7081°W / 41.1757; -79.7081
Kennerdell Bridge Kenderell Road Rockland Township and Clinton Township
Belmar Railroad Bridge (rails removed) Allegheny River Bike Trail Cranberry Township and Sandycreek Township
Eighth Street Bridge   US 322 Cranberry Township and Franklin
Petroleum Street Bridge   US 62 Oil City
Veterans Memorial Bridge State Street Oil City
Oil City Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad Oil City and Cranberry Township  
Hunter Station Bridge   US 62 Tionesta Township
Tionesta Bridge    US 62 / PA 36 Tionesta and Tionesta Township
West Hickory Bridge   PA 127 Hickory Township and Harmony Township  
Tidioute Bridge   PA 127 Limestone Township and Tidioute  
Irvine Bridge   US 62 Pleasant Township and Conewango Township
National Forge Bridge   US 6 Pleasant Township and Warren
West Warren Railroad Bridge Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Northern Subdivision
Hickory Street Bridge Hickory Street
East Warren Railroad Bridge Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Warren Branch Mead Township and Warren
Glade Bridge  
US 6 Bus.
Kinzua Dam Allegheny River Mead Township and Glade Township  

New YorkEdit

Crossing Carries Location Coordinates
Quaker Bridge (demolished)   NY 280 Coldspring Electric lines still cross river at the site.
Kinzua High Level Bridge   I-86 Red House and Coldspring
Allegheny Reservation Bridge (closed to all traffic)   NY 17 (old) Red House and Allegheny Indian Reservation
Cornplanter Bridge   NY 353 Salamanca
Main Street Bridge Salamanca
Clinton Street Bridge    US 219 / NY 417 Salamanca
Riverside Junction Railroad Bridge Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Salamanca line Great Valley and Carrollton
Old Riverside Junction Railroad Bridge (abandoned) former Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Salamanca line
Cattaraugus County Veterans Memorial Bridge   I-86
Bemus Bridge   US 219
Nine Mile Road Bridge (abandoned) Allegeny and Carrollton
Allegany Bridge   I-86 Allegeny and Olean
First Street Bridge
South Union Street- Veterans Memorial Bridge   NY 16 Olean
Steam Valley Bridge Portville
Gleason Hollow Bridge Portville


Crossing Carries Location Coordinates
Kendall Bridge   PA 346 Eldred and Eldred Township
Larabee Bridge   PA 446 Eldred Township
WNY&P Bridge Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad
Champlain Hill Bridge Annin Township
Richard Lilli Bridge   US 6 Port Allegany and Liberty Township
West Mill Street Bridge   PA 155
Emporium Bridge   PA 155
South Turtle Road Bridge Liberty Township
Kim Hill Road Bridge Roulette Township
Pomeroy Street Bridge
Maple Street Bridge
Celaschi Covered Bridge Eulalia Township
Olastead Road Bridge
Toles Hollow Bridge Coudersport and Eulalia Township
Chestnut Street Bridge Coudersport
Coudersport Main Street Bridge   US 6
Allegheny Avenue Bridge
Second Street Bridge   US 6
Fourth Street Bridge (abandoned)
Seventh Street Bridge
Avenue A Bridge Coudersport and Eulalia Township
Prosser Hollow Bridge Eulalia Township and Sweden Township
Colesburg Bridge Sweden Township
PA 49 Bridge   PA 49 Sweden Township and Ulysses Township

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