30th New Brunswick Legislature

The 30th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between March 23, 1899, and February 5, 1903.

Abner Reid McClelan served as Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick until January 1902 when he was succeeded by Jabez Bunting Snowball.

C.W. Robinson was chosen as speaker.

The Liberal Party led by Henry Emmerson formed the government. Lemuel John Tweedie became party leader in 1907 when Emmerson entered federal politics.




Electoral District Name
Saint John County Albert T. Dunn
John McLeod
Robert C. Ruddick (1902)
York William T. Whitehead
John A. Campbell
Alexander Gibson[1]
George W. Allen (1901)
Frederick P. Thompson
Westmorland William F. Humphrey
Clifford W. Robinson
Olivier-Maximin Melanson
W. Woodbury Wells[2]
Arthur B. Copp (1901)
Kings George G. Scovil
Albert S. White
William Pugsley
Queens Isaac W. Carpenter
Laughlin P. Farris
Charlotte William Frederick Todd
George F. Hill
James Russell
James O'Brien
Northumberland John P. Burchill
John O'Brien
Lemuel J. Tweedie
Charles E. Fish
Sunbury Parker Glasier
John D. Hazen
Kent Pierre H. Léger[3]
Richard A. Poirier (1901)
James Barnes
Urbain Johnson
Gloucester Peter J. Veniot[4]
John Young (1899)
Theobald M. Burns
Joseph Poirier
Carleton Charles L. Smith[5]
James K. Fleming (1900)
Hugh H. McCain
Frank B. Carvell[6]
Stephen B. Appleby (1900)
Restigouche William A. Mott
Charles H. LaBillois
Albert Henry Emmerson[1]

Sanford S. Ryan (1900)

Charles J. Osman
Victoria James E. Porter
Thomas Lawson
Madawaska Frederick LaForest
Narcisse A. Gagnon
Saint John City George Robertson
Harrison A. McKeown
Daniel S. Purdy
William Shaw


  1. ^ a b elected to federal seat
  2. ^ died in 1901
  3. ^ died in 1900
  4. ^ resigned to accept appointment
  5. ^ Appointed postmaster of Woodstock
  6. ^ Ran for federal seat


  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide, 1901, AJ Magurn
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