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27th World Science Fiction Convention

The 27th World Science Fiction Convention, also known as St. Louiscon, was held August 28–September 1, 1969, at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, under the auspices of OSFA, the Ozark Science Fiction Association.

St. Louiscon, the 27th World Science Fiction Convention
GenreScience fiction
VenueChase Park Plaza Hotel
Location(s)St. Louis, Missouri
CountryUnited States
InauguratedAugust 28-September 1, 1969
Organized byOzark Science Fiction Association
Filing statusnon-profit

The chairpersons were Ray Fisher and Joyce Fisher. The guests of honor were Jack Gaughan (professional) and Eddie Jones (fan artist). Jones, the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) winner, replaced Ted White. The toastmaster was Harlan Ellison. Total attendance was 1,534 from a registration exceeding 2,001, making it the largest Worldcon to that point in both regards.[1]



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