21st Berlin International Film Festival

The 21st annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from 26 June – 6 July 1971.[1] The Young Filmmakers Forum (in 1987 renamed International Forum for New Cinema) section was introduced at the festival.[2] The Golden Bear was awarded to the Italian film Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini directed by Vittorio De Sica.[3]

21st Berlin International Film Festival
LocationWest Berlin, Germany
AwardsGolden Bear (Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini)
Festival date26 June – 6 July 1971


The following people were announced as being on the jury for the festival:[4]

Films in competitionEdit

The following films were in competition for the Golden Bear award:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
1501 1/2 Paul B. Price USA
To Love Again 愛ふたたび Ai futatabi Kon Ichikawa Japan
Ang.: Lone Ang.: Lone Franz Ernst Denmark
Argentina, mayo de 1969: Los caminos de la liberación Octavio Getino, Nemesio Juárez, Rodolfo Kuhn, Jorge Martín, Humberto Ríos, Eliseo Subiela and Pablo Szir Argentina
Beröringen Ingmar Bergman Sweden, United States
Bless the Beasts and Children Stanley Kramer USA
Bloomfield Richard Harris United Kingdom, Israel
How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman Como Era Gostoso o Meu Francês Nelson Pereira dos Santos Brazil
Desperate Characters Frank D. Gilroy USA
The First Day Die ersten Tage Herbert Holba Austria
Dulcima Frank Nesbitt United Kingdom
The Decameron Il Decameron Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini Vittorio De Sica Italy
In continuo Vlatko Gilić Yugoslavia
Jaider, the Lonely Hunter Jaider, der einsame Jäger Volker Vogeler West Germany
The Cat Le Chat Pierre Granier-Deferre France, Italy
Love Is War Love Is War Ragnar Lasse-Henriksen Norway
Blushing Charlie Lyckliga skitar Vilgot Sjöman Sweden
Nini Tirabusciò Ninì Tirabusciò: la donna che inventò la mossa Marcello Fondato Italy, France
Die Ordnung Bohumil Stepan and Boris von Borresholm West Germany
Four Nights of a Dreamer Quatre nuits d'un rêveur Robert Bresson France, Italy
Red Wheat Rdeče klasje Živojin Pavlović Yugoslavia
Rendezvous at Bray Rendez-vous à Bray André Delvaux France, Belgium
He Who Loves in a Glass House Wer im Glashaus liebt... der Graben Michael Verhoeven West Germany
Long Live Death Viva la muerte Fernando Arrabal France, Tunisia
Whity Whity Rainer Werner Fassbinder West Germany


Winner of the main award for best film in its section

Young Filmmakers ForumEdit


Vittorio De Sica, winner of the Golden Bear at the event

The following prizes were awarded by the Jury:[3]


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