2022 Colombia stadium collapse

On 26 June 2022, a stadium collapsed in El Espinal, Tolima Department, Colombia during a bullfight.[1]

2022 Colombia stadium collapse
Date26 June 2022
LocationEl Espinal, Tolima, Colombia
TypeStructural collapse
Non-fatal injuries30


The collapse occurred at the three-story wooden stand section filled with audience members.[2] There were 800 people sitting in the collapsed section before the accident happened.[3]


A total of six people were killed and another 322 people were treated at local public and private hospitals.[4][5]


President Iván Duque expressed his solidarity to all of the victims' families and ordered an investigation to the incident.[6] President-elect Gustavo Petro urged for a ban to such events, citing that it was not the first time it happened.[5]

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