2020 in Slovenia

Events in the year 2020 in Slovenia.

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Empty old town square in Ljubljana on March 18, after COVID-19 epidemic had been declared a week earlier


  • April 18 – The government begins to ease restrictions on movement due to the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases, with the most severe bans lifted on April 30.[8][9]


  • May 2
    • No new COVID-19 infections are detected for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic on March 4.[10]
    • Thousands of demonstrators on bicycles stage a protest against the government in Ljubljana due to allegations of corruption and mismanagement of the COVID-19 epidemic response.[11]
  • May 15 – Slovenia becomes the first European country to lift the declaration of the COVID-19 epidemic (effective May 31), but several restrictions remain in place.[12][13]



  • October 19 - The government declares a COVID-19 epidemic again in response to the rising number of confirmed cases since September, enacts a 9 pm-6 am curfew and limits public gatherings and businesses.[16]
  • October 27 - To limit the spread of COVID-19, movement of citizens is again restricted to municipality of residence, though with more extensive list of exceptions.[17]




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