Dnevnik (Slovenia)

Dnevnik (English: The Daily) is a daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)DZS, d.d.
PublisherDnevnik, d.d.
EditorZlatko Šetinc (acting)
Political alignmentLeft-wing[citation needed]
HeadquartersLjubljana, Slovenia

History and profileEdit

Dnevnik was first issued in June 1951 as Ljubljanski dnevnik but was renamed to Dnevnik in 1968.[1] The paper is based in Ljubljana.[2][3]

The circulation of Dnevnik was 66,000 copies in 2003.[2] Its 2007 circulation was 58,300 copies, making it the third most read daily in the country.[4] During the period of July–September 2011 it had a circulation of 37,194 copies.[5] According to a periodic poll on printed media, conducted by marketing research company Valicon, Dnevnik had a reach of 147,000[6] from second half of 2011 and first half of 2012.


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