2020 in Albania

Events from the year 2020 in Albania.

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The National Theatre in 2009
  • 17 May – The National Theatre in Tirana was demolished after a two-year debate to conserve and protect it.[5][6]


  • December 8 – The Albanian police's killing of 25-year-old Klodjan Rasha, who had violated the country's COVID-19 nightly curfew, resulted in several nights of violent rioting in Tirana.[7]
  • December 29 – Albania's prime minister Edi Rama replaces foreign minister Gent Cakaj, who had resigned, with former defense minister Olta Xhaçka. Xhaçka's defense ministry seat is filled by Niko Peleshi. The prime minister gave no reason for the government reshuffle.[8]



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