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2019 Abkhazian presidential election

Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in the Republic of Abkhazia on 25 August 2019. The People's Assembly had originally set a date for 21 July.[1] However the elections were postponed to on 25 August 2019, under pressure from supporters of the candidate Aslan Bzhania, poisoned in Russia.[2] In May 2019, the opposition demanded rescheduling the election on account of poisoning of the favorite opposition candidate Aslan Bzhania, who remained in a Moscow hospital in serious condition.[3]

2019 Abkhazian presidential election

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Incumbent President

Raul Khajimba


Registration for candidates officially opened on 26 June 2019.[4]

Presidential candidate Career Party Vice Presidential candidate
Aslan Bzhania Member of Parliament
Almas Japua Member of Parliament Independent
Raul Khajimba Incumbent President of Abkhazia FNUA
Astamur Tarba Former head of the State Security Service

Bzhaniya’s refusal of the electionEdit

Opposition leader Bzhania withdrew from the July 15, 2019 elections of the President of Abkhazia due to illness.[5]


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