2018 Summer Youth Olympics medal table

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympics medal table is a list of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) ranked by the number of gold medals won by their athletes during the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 6 to 18 October 2018.

Of the nations that won medals at these Games, two had not won an Olympic medal nor Youth Olympic medal, Honduras and Saint Lucia. Burundi, Iceland, Malaysia, Mauritius, Qatar and Saudi Arabia won their first gold medal at an Olympic/Youth Olympic event, having previously only won silver and bronze medals. Afghanistan, Algeria, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mauritius, Niger, Philippines, Sri Lanka[1] and United Arab Emirates won their first ever Youth Olympics medals.

Medal tableEdit

The Organising Committee is not keeping an official medal tally. The ranking in this table is based on information provided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is consistent with IOC convention in its published medal tables. By default, the table is ordered by the number of gold medals the athletes from a nation have won (in this context, a "nation" is an entity represented by a National Olympic Committee). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If nations are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically.

Two gold medals were awarded for a first-place tie in the Mixed BMX freestyle park event. No silver medal was awarded as a consequence. Two silver medals were awarded for a second-place tie in the Boys' 50 m butterfly swimming, Boys' IKA Twin Tip Racing and Girls' IKA Twin Tip Racing events. No bronze medal was awarded as a consequence.

In November 2019, in the girls' +63 kg event in weightlifting, Thailand gold medallist had tested positive for a banned substance, and the medal was stripped. As a result, Turkey was raised from a silver to gold medal, Uzbekistan from the bronze medal to silver and New Zealand received a bronze medal.[2]

In judo (9), karate (6) and taekwondo (10) two bronze medals are awarded in each event (25 additional bronze medals total). Additionally, two bronze medals were awarded for a third-place tie in the girls' 50 m butterfly swimming and girls' 50 m freestyle swimming events.

Medals and Mascots of the Games, delivered during Victory ceremonies to medal winners.
Boys' Sport Climbing combined event medal winners.
Golf Mixed team event medal winners.
Girls' Singles Tennis event medal winners.
Malaysian team celebrating its Boys' Field Hockey event win.
Weightlifting Boys' 69kg medal winners
Flags hoisted during the Weightlifting Girls' 53kg Victory ceremony.
Girls' Freestyle 73kg Wrestling Medallist Ceremony
Futsal match between Portugal and Chile. The Portuguese female team went on to win the gold medal later.

  *   Host nation (Argentina)

1  Russia29181259
2  China189936
3  Japan15121239
4  Hungary127524
5  Italy11101334
6  Argentina*116926
7  Iran73414
8  United States65718
9  France515727
10  Ukraine57618
11  Australia48416
12  Uzbekistan45514
13  Thailand45211
14  Colombia43310
16  Cuba4026
17  India39113
18  Great Britain34512
19  Germany3429
20  Mexico33612
21  Czech Republic33511
22  Egypt32712
23  Sweden3216
24  Greece3126
25  New Zealand3115
  South Africa3115
27  Kenya3104
28  Brazil24713
29  Romania2338
30  Belgium2327
31  Turkey22711
32  Slovenia2259
33  Ethiopia2248
34  Bulgaria2226
35  Azerbaijan2136
37  Denmark2114
38  Vietnam2103
39  Malaysia2002
43  Morocco1517
44  South Korea14712
45  Georgia1416
46  Spain1359
47  Belarus1337
48  Nigeria1304
49  Ecuador1225
50  Portugal1203
51  Austria1179
52  Israel1113
56  Saudi Arabia1023
57  Armenia1012
  Dominican Republic1012
61  Burundi1001
64  Algeria0505
65  Canada0369
66  Serbia0235
67  Kyrgyzstan0213
69  Netherlands0156
70  Poland0134
71  Chinese Taipei0123
  Puerto Rico0123
76  Hong Kong0112
79  Luxembourg0101
  Saint Lucia0101
  United Arab Emirates0101
83  Afghanistan0011
  Sri Lanka0011
Totals (93 entries)240241263744
Source: IOC


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