2017 Wicklow Senior Football Championship

The 2017 Wicklow Senior Football Championship is the 117th edition of the Wicklow GAA's premier club Gaelic football tournament for senior graded teams in County Wicklow, Ireland. The tournament consists of 13 teams with the winner going on to represent Wicklow in the Leinster Senior Club Football Championship. The championship consists of a back door system.

Wicklow S.F.C.
ChampionsRathnew (33rd title)
Winning CaptainLeighton Glynn
Man Of The MatchNicky Mernagh
Winning ManagerHarry Murphy

Baltinglass were the defending champions after they defeated St. Patrick's in the previous years final.

This was Arklow Geraldines-Ballymoney's return to the top flight after claiming last season's I.F.C. title.

Team changesEdit

The following teams have changed division since the 2016 championship season.

Group StageEdit

There are three groups of six teams called Group A, B and C. The 3 top finishers in Group A and 2 finishers in Groups B and C qualify for the Quarter-Finals. The third placed team in Group B and C will play off for a place in the Quarter-Finals. The bottom finishers of each group will qualify for the Relegation Play Off.

Group AEdit

Group BEdit

Group CEdit

Keating Trophy/Relegation Play-OffEdit

The five teams who failed to reach the Quarter-Finals enter the Keating Trophy. These teams play each other in a round robin basis. The top two finishers proceed to the Keating Trophy final while the two bottom finishers will be relegated to the 2018 I.F.C.

Knock-out StagesEdit

Preliminary Quarter-Finals Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
Rathnew 0-12 (1-19 R)
Annacurra 0-12 (1-9 R) Kiltegan 2-6
Rathnew 2-13
Rathnew 1-09
Baltinglass 0-08
Baltinglass 0-14 (2-14 R)
Éire Óg 2-8 (1-12 R)
Rathnew 3-8
Blessington 0-12
Blessington 1-10
St. Patrick's 1-7
Blessington 2-14
Avondale 2-5
Avondale 1-8
Arklow Geraldines-Ballymoney 1-7

Quarter-Final Play-offEdit

Rathnew 0-12 - 0-12 Annacurra Aughrim Park
Referee: Ciaran Fleming (Baltinglass)
Leighton Glynn 0-5, Eddie Doyle 0-4 (0-3f), David Jameson, Theo Smyth, Jody Merrigan 0-1 each Report Gearoid Murphy 0-7 (0-4f, 1 '45), Frank Clune 0-2, Martin O'Brien, Clive Horan (0-1f), Shane O'Keeffe 0-1 each

Quarter-Final Replay
Rathnew 1-19 - 1-9 Annacurra Aughrim Park
Referee: Noel Kinsella (Kilbride)
Leighton Glynn 1-3, Eddie Doyle 0-6 (0-2f), Jody Merrigan 0-5, Mark Doyle 0-3, Ross O'Brien and Nicky Mernagh 0-1 each Gearoid Murphy 0-4, Clive Horan 0-3, Shane O'Keeffe 1-0, Frank Clune 0-2


Avondale 1-8 - 1-7 Arklow Geraldines-Ballymoney Aughrim
Referee: Ciaran Fleming
Man of the Match: Saoirse Kearnon and Eugene Dunne
Dean Gahan 1-1, Ian Heffernan 0-4 (0-3f), David Baker, Cian O'Hannain, Ryan Cahill 0-1 each Cathal Kelleher 1-1, Stephen Hurley and Philip Healy 0-2f each, Philip Gleeson and Peter Hempenstall 0-1 each

Baltinglass 0-14 - 2-8 Éire Óg Greystones Aughrim
Referee: Garrett Whelan
Man of the Match: Daniel Kelly
Mark Jackson (0-2f, 2 '45) and Daniel Kelly (0-2f) 0-4 each, Adam McHugh 0-3 (0-2f), John McGrath, Chris Heaslip, Sean O'Brien 0-1 each Daniel Keane 1-2, Billy Norman 1-1, Darren Hayden 0-2f, Danny Woods, Sean Lawless, Craig Smullen 0-1 each

Rathnew 2-13 - 2-6 Kiltegan Aughrim
Referee: Kieron Kenny
Man of the Match: Jody Merrigan
Jody Merrigan 1-4 (1 '45, 0-1f), Ross O'Brien 1-1, James Stafford, Eddie Doyle (0-2f), Leighton Glynn, Nicky Mernagh 0-2 each Seanie Furlong 1-3 (0-2f), Derek Daly 1-0, Rory Finn, Podge O'Toole, Jeffery Bermingham 0-1 each

Blessington 1-10 - 1-7 St Patrick's Aughrim
Referee: Anthony Nolan
Man of the Match: Paul McLoughlin
Curtis Geraghty 1-1, Anto McLoughlin 0-4 (0-3f), Michael McLoughlin 0-2, Kevin John Rogers, Patrick O'Connor, Kevin Hanlon 0-1 each Podge McWalter 1-0, Tommy Kelly 0-3, John Crowe, Eamon Wolfe, Stephen Duffy, Jordan Pettigrew 0-1 each

Quarter-Final Replay
Baltinglass 2-14 - 1-12 Éire Óg Greystones Aughrim


Blessington 2-14 - 2-5 Avondale Aughrim
Referee: Garrett Whelan (Rathdangan)

Rathnew 1-9 - 0-8 Baltinglass Aughrim
Referee: Declan Pepard (Hollywood)
Man of the Match: Enan Glynn
Stephen Byrne 1-0, James Stafford 0-3, Eddie Doyle 0-2f, Warren Kavanagh, Enan Glynn, Leighton Glynn, Jody Merrigan (1 '45) 0-1 each Mark Jackson (0-2f) and Daniel Kelly (0-2f) 0-2 each, Tom Burke, Mikey English, Sean O'Brien, Adam McHugh (0-1f) 0-1 each


15 October 2017
3:00 pm
Rathnew 3-8 - 0-12 Blessington Aughrim Park
Referee: Declan Peppard (Hollywood)
Man of the Match: Nicky Mernagh
Mark Doyle 1-1, James Stafford and Leighton Glynn 1-0 each, Eddie Doyle 0-3 (0-2f), Theo Smith, Graham Merrigan, Nicky Mernagh, Jody Merrigan 0-1 each Eoin Keogh, Anto McLoughlin, Patrick O'Connor, Curtis Geraghty (0-1f) 0-2 each, Paul McLoughlin, Brian Carroll, Michael McLoughlin, David Boothman 0-1 each

Leinster Senior Club Football ChampionshipEdit