2016 Senate District 59 by-election in Poland

A by-elections in Senate District 59 was held in Poland on 6 March 2016. The election was required due to the President Andrzej Duda appointing incumbent Senator Bohdan Paszkowski as the Voivode of Podlaskie.

By-election in District 59, 2016

Party PiS PSL
Popular vote 30,661 26,618
Percentage 47.26% 41.03%
Senate District 59

The result was a victory for Anna Maria Anders of the Law and Justice party. Voter turnout was just 17.11%.[1]



The front-runner of these elections was the right-wing candidate Anna Maria Anders, who received the support of PiS. A few months earlier the PiS candidate Bohdan Paszkowski won nearly half of votes there. The centrist and leftist opposition united and supported Mieczysław Bagiński, who took the second place in this district a few months ago. He obtained the support of PSL, PO, Modern, and SLD. In elections he won over 40% (previously 27.44%) of votes, but it did not allow him to win a mandate, because Anna Maria Anders won 6% more votes.


2016 Senate District 59 by-election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
PiS Anna Maria Anders 30,661 47.26   2.39
PSL Mieczysław Bagiński 26,618 41.03   13.59
Independent Jerzy Ząbkiewicz 4,177 6.44  
KORWiN Szczepan Barszczewski 1,992 3.07  
Independent Sławomir Gromadzki 764 1.18  
Independent Andrzej Chmielewski 669 1.03  


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