2015 Afghanistan avalanches

On February 24–28, 2015, the chunky avalanche in Panjshir Province, Afghanistan killed at least 310 people, and another 129 were wounded.[1] 1,000 Afghani troops were deployed to Panjshir Province to assist rescue efforts.[2] According to the acting governor of Panjshir, Abdul Rahman Kabiri, these avalanches were the worst Afghanistan had seen in three decades.[3]

2015 Afghanistan avalanche
Panjshir in Afghanistan.svg
Location of Panjshir Province in Afghanistan
Date24–28 February 2015
LocationPanjshir Province, Afghanistan
Non-fatal injuries129+


The avalanches were caused by heavy snowstorms in the area.[4] Heavy snowfall is a common cause of avalanches.[5] Snow builds up as snowfall continues and it eventually reaches a point at which the weight of the snowfall overcomes the cohesion of the snow, resulting in an avalanche.[5] Rising temperatures may have also had an effect, due to the fact that temperature rise can affect the cohesion of snow.[5] These snowstorms have also hampered rescue efforts, with some areas receiving nearly a meter of snowstorms.[6]

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