2011 Balkan Music Awards

The Second Annual Balkan Music Awards were held in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria for the second time. The previous year's main winner of the show with the title "Best Song of Balkans 2009" was Željko Joksimović with Ljubavi representing Serbia with 37 points, followed closely by Flori Mumajesi with Playback from Albania with 31 points. Balkan Music Awards was originally broadcast by the Bulgarian Balkanika Music Television, and also by 11 other television stations in the Balkans.[1]

2011 Balkan Music Awards
Also known asSecond Annual Balkan Music Awards
Production locationsSofia, Bulgaria
Production companyBalkanika Music Television
Original networkBalkanika Music Television
Original release4 June 2011 (2011-06-04)


Participants for "Best Song for Balkans 2010"Edit

The following list shows 11 participants from every country who will wave their flag in Sofia.[2] The participants were chosen online for 2 week voting. In every country there were 5 songs, most played in BMTV where only one got the chance to represent its country in Balkan's biggest annual award show. Every participant will be singing in front of an outside audience.

Country Artist Song Score Place
  Albania Aurela Gaçe, Dr.Flori & Marsel "Origjinale" 92 1
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Armin Muzaferija "Vulkani" 21 9
  Bulgaria Alisia "Tvoya Totalno" 89 3
  Croatia Colonia "Zavoli me u Prolazu" 47 6
  Greece Helena Paparizou "An Isouna Agapi" 51 5
  Macedonia Elena Risteska "Sakam Podobro Da Te Pamtam" 18 10
  Montenegro Aca Lukas & Dado Polumenta "Sedam Subota" 12 11
  Slovenia Rebeka Dremelj "Čarobni Zagrljaj" 25 8
  Serbia Nataša Bekvalac "Dve u Meni" 30 7
  Turkey Emre Aydin "Hoşçakal" 74 4

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Flori Mumajesi