2009 Vojko Herksel Cup

The 2009 Vojko Herksel Cup was the 4th Vojko Herksel Cup. Hold of Final tournament is Gospić. Winner of the four edition of the Šibenik Jolly who won Gospić Croatia Osiguranje. Vojko Herksel Cup was also the traditional Gospić Cup, which was the sixth time in a row.[1]

2009 Vojko Herksel Cup
LeagueVojko Herksel Cup
Duration29 – 30 September 2009
Season championsCroatia Šibenik Jolly (3rd title)
Vojko Herksel Cup seasons

Final tournament edit

29 September
  Gospić CO77
30 September
  Merkur Celje57
  Gospić CO75
29 September
  Šibenik Jolly85
  Šibenik Jolly69
  Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje41
Third place
30 September
  Merkur Celje68
  Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje76

References edit

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