2008 Grand Prix (snooker)

The 2008 Royal London Watches Grand Prix was a professional ranking snooker tournament that took place between 11 and 19 October 2008 at the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow, Scotland.

Royal London Watches Grand Prix
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Tournament information
Dates11–19 October 2008 (2008-10-11 – 2008-10-19)
FormatRanking event
Total prize fund£523,100
Winner's share£75,000
Highest break Marco Fu (HKG) (139)
Champion John Higgins (SCO)
Runner-up Ryan Day (WAL)

John Higgins won his first ranking event for 18 months by defeating Ryan Day 9–7 in the final.[1]

Prize fundEdit

The breakdown of prize money for this year is shown below:[2]

Main drawEdit

Matches on Sunday 12 October were played on a roll on/roll off basis. Play started at the allocated time each day with a 15-minute interval between matches. The third and fourth match did not start before 3pm. The evening session did not start before the time indicated on the format.

The draw for round one was made on completion of the qualifiers on 26 September 2008. The draw from round two up to and including the semi-finals was made on a random basis. The order of play and table numbers for all matches up to the semi-finals were determined once the draw for that round was made and published by the tournament director.

All matches up to and including the quarter-finals were best of 9 frames, semi-finals were best of 11 frames and the final was best of 17 frames. (Seedings in parentheses. All times are BST.)[3][4][5]

Round oneEdit

Round twoEdit




Final: Best of 17 frames. Referee: Eirian Williams.
S.E.C.C., Glasgow, Scotland, 19 October 2008.
John Higgins (6)
9–7 Ryan Day (9)
Afternoon: 77–39, 86–47 (85), 24–89 (64), 90–0 (57), 73–1 (52), 4–119 (82), 69–21 (65)
Evening: 79–4 (62), 63–52 (Day 52), 8–69 (69), 65–74, 0–89 (89), 46–61, 81–11 (50), 0–83 (83), 74–36 (53)
85 Highest break 89
0 Century breaks 0
7 50+ breaks 6

Qualifying roundsEdit

These matches took place from 22 to 25 September 2008 at the Pontin's Centre, Prestatyn, Wales.[6]

Round 1
Best of 9 frames
Round 2
Best of 9 frames
Round 3
Best of 9 frames
Round 4
Best of 9 frames
  Paul Davison4  Martin Gould2  John Parrott5  Ken Doherty0
  Atthasit Mahitthi5  Atthasit Mahitthi5  Atthasit Mahitthi4  John Parrott5
  James McBain5  Mark Joyce5  Ricky Walden5  Joe Swail3
  Andrew Pagett4  James McBain0  Mark Joyce1  Ricky Walden5
  Jimmy White5  David Gray3  Michael Holt5  Michael Judge2
  Michael Georgiou1  Jimmy White5  Jimmy White3  Michael Holt5
  Lewis Roberts2  Barry Pinches4  Jimmy Michie5  Dominic Dale4
  Andy Lee5  Andy Lee5  Andy Lee2  Jimmy Michie5
  Lee Spick3  Robert Milkins3  Gerard Greene4  Dave Harold5
  Jin Long5  Jin Long5  Jin Long5  Jin Long0
  Peter Lines5  David Roe2  Tom Ford5  Steve Davis5
  Declan Hughes1  Peter Lines5  Peter Lines2  Tom Ford4
  Simon Bedford5  Andy Hicks4  Mike Dunn2  Mark Williams4
  Liu Chuang2  Simon Bedford5  Simon Bedford5  Simon Bedford5
  Scott MacKenzie5  Paul Davies5  Alan McManus5  Anthony Hamilton5
  Robert Stephen1  Scott MacKenzie2  Paul Davies1  Alan McManus4
  Rodney Goggins2  Stuart Pettman1  Adrian Gunnell5  Stuart Bingham4
  Vincent Muldoon5  Vincent Muldoon5  Vincent Muldoon4  Adrian Gunnell5
  Matthew Selt5  Joe Delaney1  David Gilbert5  Matthew Stevens2
  Wayne Cooper4  Matthew Selt5  Matthew Selt4  David Gilbert5
  Daniel Wells4  Andrew Norman5  Jamie Burnett5  Ian McCulloch3
  Stefan Mazrocis5  Stefan Mazrocis3  Andrew Norman1  Jamie Burnett5
  Patrick Wallace3  David Morris4  Judd Trump5  Stephen Lee2
  Aditya Mehta5  Aditya Mehta5  Aditya Mehta1  Judd Trump5
  Jamie Jones3  Rod Lawler4  Liang Wenbo5  Nigel Bond0
  David Grace5  David Grace5  David Grace3  Liang Wenbo5
  Supoj Saenla5  Liu Song4  Rory McLeod5  Barry Hawkins5
  Chris McBreen3  Supoj Saenla5  Supoj Saenla1  Rory McLeod2
  Kuldesh Johal3  Ian Preece4  Marcus Campbell5  Jamie Cope5
  Li Hang5  Li Hang5  Li Hang3  Marcus Campbell4
  Matthew Couch2  Mark Davis5  Andrew Higginson5  Fergal O'Brien2
  Stephen Craigie5  Stephen Craigie4  Mark Davis4  Andrew Higginson5

Century breaksEdit

Qualifying stage centuriesEdit


Televised stage centuriesEdit



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