2007 Dutch provincial elections

Provincial elections were held in the Netherlands, on 7 March 2007. The election also determined the members of the Senate, since the 564 members of the twelve provincial councils elect its 75 members. This election took place on 29 May 2007.


Only a few weeks before the provincial elections, a new cabinet has been installed, the fourth Balkenende cabinet, consisting of the CDA, PvdA and CU. The provincial elections will be the first test for this new cabinet. Since the provincial councils elect the members of the Senate, it is possible that the CDA, PvdA and CU will not obtain a majority in the Senate. Since the members of the Senate can reject new laws, the outcome of the provincial elections can seriously hamper the strength of the new cabinet.

National resultsEdit

In recent years, the turnout for provincial elections were low, this year was no different. On 13:00, only 14% of the 12.1 million eligible voters had cast a vote. On 16:00, about 25% had cast a vote; of the larger cities, The Hague was on the low side with less than 20%, and Groningen at the high side with 29%.

The Socialist Party (SP), Christian Union (CU) and Party for the Animals showed the largest gains, all continuing their successful spell from the 2006 general election. The CDA, PvdA, D66, the LPF and SGP showed the greatest losses, while the VVD and GroenLinks only suffered a marginal loss. The current government of CDA, PvdA and CU are expected to hold on to a majority in the Senate (elections to be held in May), with 41 out of the 75 seats. Geert Wilders had already announced in January 2007 that his Party for Freedom would not take part in the elections, since it had not succeeded to be able to participate in all provinces. One important factor in comparing the 2003 and 2007 results is the fact that the number of members of each provincial legislature was lowered, from a maximum 73 to a maximum 55.

Provincial councils
Party 2003 2003 * 2007 difference **
Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 222 169 151 -18
Labour Party (PvdA) 198 150 114 -36
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 138 103 102 -1
Socialist Party (SP) 38 29 83 +54
Christian Union (CU) 26 19 35 +16
GroenLinks (GL) 51 37 32 -5
Reformed Political Party (SGP) 19 13 13 0
Democrats 66 (D66) 31 20 9 -11
Party for the Animals (PvdD) 0 0 9 +9
Pim Fortuyn List (LPF) 17 10 0 -10
CU-SGP[1] 5 4 3 -1
Regionalist parties[2] 19 10 13 +3
totals 764 564 564 0
voters 47.6 % 47.6 % 46.4 % -1.2 %

- *) 2003 election calculated for the 2007 number of seats (564).
- **) The difference between 2007 and the recalculated 2003 seats.

Results by provinceEdit


Labour Party51,87527.2013
Christian Democratic Appeal40,47221.2210
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy31,95416.758
Socialist Party23,39712.275
Christian Union14,4277.563
Other parties19,59810.280
Valid votes190,72799.73
Invalid/blank votes5210.27
Total votes191,248100.00
Registered voters/turnout373,83451.16
Source: Kiesraad[3]


People's Party for Freedom and Democracy25,99622.759
Christian Democratic Appeal21,65218.958
Labour Party19,42117.007
Socialist Party16,02314.026
Christian Union12,74011.155
Reformed Political Party4,0303.531
Party for the Animals3,6873.231
Other parties4,3883.840
Valid votes114,26799.50
Invalid/blank votes5730.50
Total votes114,840100.00
Registered voters/turnout261,91943.85
Source: Kiesraad[4]


Christian Democratic Appeal68,04125.7512
Labour Party67,71225.6212
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy28,57410.815
Frisian National Party28,22510.685
Socialist Party25,2819.574
Christian Union21,6388.193
Other parties14,5295.500
Valid votes264,26999.74
Invalid/blank votes6850.26
Total votes264,954100.00
Registered voters/turnout489,38954.14
Source: Kiesraad[5]


Christian Democratic Appeal195,37526.8515
Labour Party124,65117.1310
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy121,00316.639
Socialist Party100,29513.787
Christian Union58,9178.104
Reformed Political Party35,6304.903
Democrats 6616,8552.321
Party for the Animals15,6382.151
Other parties16,7342.300
Valid votes727,63799.70
Invalid/blank votes2,2240.30
Total votes729,861100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,491,82048.92
Source: Kiesraad[6]


Labour Party59,63026.2112
Christian Democratic Appeal44,09119.389
Socialist Party36,20315.917
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy26,59311.695
Christian Union23,35210.264
Party for the North8,2763.641
Democrats 665,9152.601
Party for the Animals4,9132.161
Other parties1,2300.540
Valid votes227,52699.70
Invalid/blank votes6790.30
Total votes228,205100.00
Registered voters/turnout447,39251.01
Source: Kiesraad[7]


Christian Democratic Appeal133,72235.3518
Socialist Party70,26718.589
Labour Party60,10915.898
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy54,65614.457
Party New Limburg14,2323.761
Party for the Animals9,7172.571
Democrats 668,5762.271
Other parties10,9182.890
Valid votes378,25199.50
Invalid/blank votes1,9110.50
Total votes380,162100.00
Registered voters/turnout865,57143.92
Source: Kiesraad[8]

North BrabantEdit

Christian Democratic Appeal239,29631.2518
Socialist Party160,58320.9712
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy144,58018.8811
Labour Party108,04814.118
Christian Union – Reformed Political Party20,8252.721
Party for the Animals16,5952.171
Democrats 6615,9982.091
Brabantian Party14,5761.901
Other parties13,5981.780
Valid votes765,71099.58
Invalid/blank votes3,2190.42
Total votes768,929100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,828,02042.06
Source: Kiesraad[9]

North HollandEdit

People's Party for Freedom and Democracy196,56622.7313
Labour Party167,08919.3211
Christian Democratic Appeal152,82017.6710
Socialist Party135,99615.739
Democrats 6632,7753.792
Party for the Animals32,3303.742
Christian Union – Reformed Political Party28,9983.352
Elderly Party NH/VSP27,5453.191
Other parties6,8400.790
Valid votes864,67799.48
Invalid/blank votes4,4820.52
Total votes869,159100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,929,88145.04
Source: Kiesraad[10]


Christian Democratic Appeal141,32034.0517
Labour Party74,17017.879
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy56,31513.576
Socialist Party48,77711.756
Christian Union42,99210.365
Reformed Political Party14,4463.482
Other parties19,1814.620
Valid votes415,05299.70
Invalid/blank votes1,2410.30
Total votes416,293100.00
Registered voters/turnout834,53149.88
Source: Kiesraad[11]

South HollandEdit

Christian Democratic Appeal240,02121.5113
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy226,40820.2912
Labour Party189,90717.0210
Socialist Party151,01513.548
Christian Union77,1536.924
Reformed Political Party48,2654.332
Party for the Animals34,4483.091
Livable South Holland33,3332.991
Democrats 6628,9262.591
Other parties20,5121.840
Valid votes1,115,67299.46
Invalid/blank votes6,0700.54
Total votes1,121,742100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,546,87144.04
Source: Kiesraad[12]


Christian Democratic Appeal98,90022.4111
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy88,72220.1110
Labour Party69,82315.828
Socialist Party51,70911.725
Christian Union39,1588.874
Democrats 6617,7644.032
Reformed Political Party14,2913.241
Party for the Animals11,7532.661
Beautiful Utrecht9,2192.091
Valid votes441,26299.58
Invalid/blank votes1,8460.42
Total votes443,108100.00
Registered voters/turnout884,25350.11
Source: Kiesraad[13]


Christian Democratic Appeal37,14624.7010
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy21,82214.516
Labour Party21,35114.196
Socialist Party18,72712.455
Reformed Political Party17,65411.745
Christian Union12,0408.003
Party for Zeeland10,4026.922
Other parties3,8692.570
Valid votes150,41499.70
Invalid/blank votes4490.30
Total votes150,863100.00
Registered voters/turnout285,33352.87
Source: Kiesraad[14]


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