2005 UCI America Tour

The 2005 UCI America Tour was the first season for the UCI America Tour. The season began on 8 January 2005 with the Vuelta al Táchira and ended on 17 September 2005 with the Univest Grand Prix.

2005 UCI America Tour
First edition of the UCI America Tour
Dates8 January 2005 (2005-01-08)–17 September 2005
LocationNorth America and South America
Individual champion Edgardo Simón (ARG) (Colombia–Selle Italia)
Teams' championHealth Net–Maxxis
Nations' champion Brazil

The points leader, based on the cumulative results of previous races, wears the UCI America Tour cycling jersey. Edgardo Simón of Argentina was crowned as the 2005 UCI America Tour champion.

Throughout the season, points are awarded to the top finishers of stages within stage races and the final general classification standings of each of the stages races and one-day events. The quality and complexity of a race also determines how many points are awarded to the top finishers, the higher the UCI rating of a race, the more points are awarded.

The UCI ratings from highest to lowest are as follows:

  • Multi-day events: 2.HC, 2.1 and 2.2
  • One-day events: 1.HC, 1.1 and 1.2


Date Race Name Location UCI Rating Winner Team
8–21 January Vuelta al Táchira   Venezuela 2.2   José Rujano (VEN) Colombia–Selle Italia
8 January Copa América de Ciclismo   Brazil 1.2   Nilceu Santos (BRA) Scott-Marcondes Cesar
16–23 January Tour do Brasil Volta Ciclística de São Paulo   Brazil 2.2   Jorge Giacinti (ARG) Memorial-Santos
8–20 February Vuelta a Cuba   Cuba 2.2   Damian Martinez (CUB) Cuba (national team)
10–20 February Vuelta Ciclística por un Chile Líder   Chile 2.2   Edgardo Simón (ARG) Argentina (national team)
9–13 March Volta Ciclística Internacional Porto Alegre   Brazil 2.2   Jorge Giacinti (ARG) Memorial-Santos
18–27 March Vuelta Ciclista al Uruguay   Uruguay 2.2   Álvaro Tardáguila (URY) Dolores CC
27 March–3 April Vuelta a Chile   Chile 2.2   Edgardo Simón (ARG) Lider
31 March–3 April Redlands Classic   United States 2.2   Chris Wherry (USA) Health Net–Maxxis
7–10 April Tour of Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico 2.2   Wendy Cruz (DOM) Selezione di Santiago
14–16 April Sea Otter Classic   United States 2.2   Doug Ollerenshaw (USA) Health Net–Maxxis
19–24 April Tour de Georgia   United States 2.1   Tom Danielson (USA) Discovery Channel
24–29 April Vuelta Ciclista a El Salvador   El Salvador 2.2   Cameron Hughes (AUS) Subway
25 April Pan American Road and Track ChampionshipsTime Trial   Brazil CC   Edgardo Simón (ARG) Argentina (national team)
30 April Pan American Road and Track ChampionshipsRoad Race   Brazil CC   John Parra (COL) Colombia (national team)
12–15 May Doble Sucre Potosi Grand Prix   Bolivia 2.2   Álvaro Sierra (COL) Orbitel
25–29 May Volta do Paraná   Brazil 2.2   Mauricio Morandi (BRA) Scott-Marcondes Cesar
31 May Wachovia Invitational   United States 1.1   Greg Henderson (NZL) Health Net–Maxxis
2 June Wachovia Classic   United States 1.1   Gordon Fraser (CAN) Health Net–Maxxis
5 June Wachovia USPRO Championship   United States 1.HC   Chris Wherry (USA) Health Net–Maxxis
14–19 June Tour de Beauce   Canada 2.2   Nathan O'Neill (AUS) Ceramica Panaria–Navigare
8–17 July Tour de Martinique   France 2.2   Frédéric Delalande (FRA)
9 July Prova Ciclistica 9 de Julho   Brazil 1.2   Roberson Figueiredo (BRA) Scott-Marcondes Cesar
24 July–7 August Vuelta a Colombia   Colombia 2.2   Libardo Niño (COL) Loteria de Boyaca
5–14 August Tour de la Guadeloupe   France 2.2   Flober Peña (COL)
22 August USPRO National Criterium Championships   United States 1.1   Tyler Farrar (CAN) Health Net–Maxxis
28 August–7 September Volta Ciclística Internacional de Santa Catarina   Brazil 2.2   Márcio May (BRA) Scott-Marcondes Cesar
29 August–11 September Vuelta a Venezuela   Venezuela 2.2   José Chacón Díaz (VEN)
4 September T Mobile International   United States 1.HC   Fabian Wegmann (GER) Team Gerolsteiner
17 September Univest Grand Prix   United States 1.2   Melito Heredia (DOM) GS Gotham-Toga

Final standingsEdit

Individual classificationEdit

Rank Name Points
1   Edgardo Simón (ARG) 238
2   Damian Martinez (CUB) 188
3   Chris Wherry (USA) 185
4   Walter Pedraza (COL) 161
5   Nilceu Santos (BRA) 152
6   Roberson Figueiredo (BRA) 140
7   François Parisien (CAN) 140
8   Gordon Fraser (CAN) 138
9   Márcio May (BRA) 136
10   José Chacón Díaz (VEN) 135

Nation classificationEdit

Rank Nation Points
1   Brazil 1458
2   Argentina 1356
3   Colombia 1162
4   United States 1001
5   Venezuela 841
6   Canada 832
7   Cuba 612
8   Chile 496
9   Mexico 404
10   Peru 240

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