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The Vuelta a Cuba (English: Tour of Cuba) was a multi-day road bicycle racing stage race held annually each February in Cuba. It was held from 1964 to 2010.[1] Vuelta Ciclista a Cuba was part of the UCI America Tour, which is one of six UCI Continental Circuits sponsored by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the sport's international governing body.

Vuelta a Cuba
CompetitionUCI America Tour
TypeStage race
First edition1964 (1964)
Editions35 (as of 2010)
Final edition2010
First winner Sergio Martínez (CUB)
Most wins Eduardo Alonso (CUB) (6 Wins)
Final winner Arnold Alcolea (CUB)

Past winnersEdit

Year Winner Country Team
1964 Sergio "Pipián" Martínez   Cuba Matanzas
1965 Rodolfo Noriega   Cuba Cotorro
1966 Sergio "Pipián" Martínez (2)   Cuba Matanzas
1967 Henryk Kowalski   Poland Poland
1968 Sergio "Pipián" Martínez (3)   Cuba Cuba
1969 Sergio "Pipián" Martínez (4)   Cuba Cuba
1970 No Event
1971 Raúl Vázquez   Cuba Cuba
1972 Aldo "Búfalo" Arencibia   Cuba Cuba
1973 Leonardo Hernández   Cuba Las Villas
1974 Carlos Cardet   Cuba Cuba
1975 No Event
1976 Aldo "Búfalo" Arencibia (2)   Cuba Cuba
1977 Carlos Cardet (2)   Cuba Cuba
1978 Serguei Sujorochenkov   Soviet Union Cuba
1979 Carlos Cardet (3)   Cuba Cuba
1980 Aldo "Búfalo" Arencibia (3)   Cuba Habana
1981 Jorge A. Pérez   Cuba Cuba
1982 No Event
1983 Olaf Jentszch   East Germany Germany A
1984 Eduardo Alonso   Cuba Cuba
1985 Alexander Zinoviev   Soviet Union URSS A
1986 Eduardo Alonso (2)   Cuba Cuba A
1987 Eduardo Alonso (3)   Cuba Cuba A
1988 Eduardo Alonso (4)   Cuba Cuba
1989 Eduardo Alonso (5)   Cuba Cuba A
1990 Eduardo Alonso (6)   Cuba Cuba
No Event
2000 Pedro Pablo Pérez   Cuba Cuba
2001 Pedro Pablo Pérez (2)   Cuba Cuba
2002 Filippo Pozzato   Italy Mapei-Quick Step
2003 Todd Herriot   United States UPMC Fuji
2004 Pedro Pablo Pérez (3)   Cuba Cuba
2005 Damier Martinez   Cuba Cuba A
2006 Pedro Pablo Pérez (4)   Cuba Cuba
2007 Svein Tuft   Canada Symmetrics Cycling Team
2008 Pedro Pablo Pérez (5)   Cuba Cuba
2009 Arnold Alcolea   Cuba Cuba
2010 Arnold Alcolea (2)   Cuba Cuba


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