2004 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards

The 2004 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards (Chinese: 2004年度十大中文金曲得獎) was held in 2004 for the 2003 music season.

Top 10 song awardsEdit

The top 10 songs (十大中文金曲) of 2003 are as follows. This year only 9 songs were awarded.

Song name in Chinese Artist Composer Lyricist
世上只有 Joey Yung Chan Kwong-Wing Wyman Wong
愛與誠 Leo Ku Cou syut-fan (曹雪芬) Albert Leung
飲歌 Twins Ronald Ng (伍樂城) Albert Leung
七里香 Jay Chou Jay Chou Vincent Fang
空中飛人 Hacken Lee Li zung-hang (李仲衡) Hacken Lee
小城大事 Miriam Yeung Mark Lui Albert Yeung
好好戀愛 Alex Fong Horan Chan Fong git (方杰)
奇洛李維斯回信 Fiona Sit Fong yu-loeng (方樹樑) Wyman Wong
美中不足 Andy Hui, Deanie Ip Mark Lui Wyman Wong

Other awardsEdit

Award Song or album (if available) Recipient
Outstanding singer award
- Twins, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, Jay Chou, Joey Yung, Jacky Cheung, Gigi Leung, Andy Hui, Anthony Wong, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Andy Lau
Outstanding female singer award
- Joey Yung
Outstanding male singer award
- Hacken Lee
Sales award for male artists
- Hacken Lee, Jay Chou
Sales award for female artists
- Twins, Joey Yung
Best new male prospect award
- (gold) Juno Mak

(silver) Endy Chow

(bronze) Jaycee Chan
Best new female prospect award
- (gold) Fiona Sit

(silver) Yan Ng

(bronze) Ella Koon
Best group prospect award
- (gold) F.I.R.

(silver) Ping Pung

(bronze) Girl's only dormitory (女生宿舍)
Most improved award
- Leo Ku
Distinguished guest performance
- Andy Lau
CASH international best Chinese song award
- F.I.R.
CASH international best Chinese lyrics award
- F.I.R.
Mainland recommendation award
- Sunyue (孫悅), Sun Nan
National best Chinese song award


(gold) Kelly Chen, 孫偉明/吳國敬, Wyman Wong

(silver) JJ Lin, Li seoi-seon (李瑞洵)

(bronze) Dao Lang
RTHK Golden needle award (金針獎) - Liza Wang
National most popular male singer award
- (gold) Andy Lau

(silver) Jay Chou

(bronze) Hacken Lee
National most popular female singer award
- (gold) Kelly Chen

(silver) Stefanie Sun

(bronze) Joey Yung
National most popular group award
- (gold) Twins

(silver) F.I.R.

(bronze) S.H.E
International Chinese award
愛與誠 Leo Ku, Cou syut-fa (曹雪芬), Albert Leung
Four channel award (四台聯頒獎項) - Joey Yung, Mark Lui, Wyman Wong