2004–05 Russian gubernatorial elections

Gubernatorial elections in 2004 and 2005 were held in 25 federal subjects of Russia. In several regions these elections were moved from end of 2004 to March 14 to combine with the 2004 Russian presidential election.

2004–05 Russian gubernatorial elections

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25 Heads of Federal Subjects from 89

2004 Russian regional elections:
  Gubernatorial and legislative
  Gubernatorial and legislative (both of another subject)

On 12 December 2004, at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, gubernatorial elections were abolished throughout the country. These were the last gubernatorial elections in Russia until September 2012.

Race summary edit

Federal Subject Date Incumbent First elected Candidates
Udmurtia 14 March Alexander Volkov 2000
Altai Krai 14 March,
4 April
Aleksandr Surikov 1996
Krasnodar Krai[1] 14 March Alexander Tkachov 2000
Arkhangelsk Oblast 14 & 28 March Anatoly Yefremov 1996
Voronezh Oblast 14 March Vladimir Kulakov 2000
Kaluga Oblast 14 March Anatoly Artamonov 2000
Murmansk Oblast 14 March Yury Yevdokimov 1996
Ryazan Oblast 14 & 28 March Vyacheslav Lyubimov 1996
Chita Oblast 14 March Ravil Geniatulin 1996
Koryakia 14 March,
4 April
Vladimir Loginov 2000
  •  Y Vladimir Loginov 37.42% / 50.88%
  • Boris Chuyev 17.92% / 39.29%
  • Andrey Petrov 16.75%
Chechnya 29 August Sergey Abramov [a]  Y Alu Alkhanov (UR) 73.67%
Pskov Oblast 14 November,
5 December
Yevgeny Mikhailov 1996
UOBAO 14 November Valery Maleyev 1996
Kurgan Oblast 28 November,
19 December
Oleg Bogomolov 1996
  •  Y Oleg Bogomolov (UR) 35.07% / 49.15%
  • Yevgeny Sobakin (SPS) 23.78% / 40.13%
  • Pyotr Nazarov 23.61%
Astrakhan Oblast 5 December Alexander Zhilkin [b]
Bryansk Oblast 5 & 19 December Yury Lodkin 1993[c]
Volgograd Oblast 5 & 26 December Nikolay Maksyuta 1996
Kamchatka Oblast 5 & 19 December Mikhail Mashkovtsev 2000
Ulyanovsk Oblast 5 & 26 December Maria Bolshakova [d]
Mari El 19 December Leonid Markelov 2000
Khabarovsk Krai 19 December Viktor Ishayev 1996
Khakassia 26 December Aleksey Lebed 1996
Nenets AO 23 January,
6 February
Vladimir Butov 1996[e]

Bryansk Oblast edit

Governor of Bryansk Oblast Yury Lodkin was going on his third term in 2004 (fourth if 1993–96 tenure as Head of Administration counted), but was removed from registration "for abuse of office". The application to the regional court was submitted by the candidate from the People's Party Alexander Zhdanov. Lodkin, considered one of the favorites of the campaign, linked his removing from ballot with his Communist Party membership. He accused the United Russia party of “unwillingness to win legally”.[3]

Samara Oblast edit

The elections were set up by the regional court on 19 September 2004,[4] after the court recognized that the 5-year term limit, introduced into the Samara Oblast Charter during the 2000 elections, can come into force only after next elections and that Konstantin Titov's term expired on July 2. However, the elections were later canceled by the Supreme Court at the suit of the Central Election Commission.

Nenets Autonomous Okrug edit

Gubernatorial elections in Nenets Autonomous Okrug were held on 23 January 2005, the second round was held on February 6. Incumbent governor Vladimir Butov [ru], in office from 1996, could not be nominated due to the two-term limit (the Supreme Court of Russia overturned regional act passed shortly before the elections that allowed Butov to run for a third term). In addition he was convicted for beating a traffic police officer.[5]

Candidates included:[6]

  • Alexey Barinov, President of a charitable foundation, former chief federal inspector for Nenets AO, ex-employee of LUKoil
  • Viktoria Bobrova, assistant of Nenets AO Regional Prosecutor
  • Vladimir Butov, relative and namesake of incumbent governor
  • Igor Koshin, member of Nenets AO legislature; former secretary of the political council of United Russia's regional branch, expelled from the party after self-nominating for governorship
  • Leonid Sablin, member of Nenets AO legislature, chairman of local executive committee (1985–90)
  • Alexander Shmakov, entrepreneur

Results edit

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Alexey BarinovIndependent4,36222.749,00548.87
Igor KoshinIndependent4,02820.995,66330.74
Leonid SablinCommunist Party3,51518.32
Alexander ShmakovUnited Russia3,15716.45
Vladimir Butov1,0915.69
Alexander Bebenin5933.09
Viktoria Bobrova4972.59
Leonid Bogachuk880.46
Nikolay Kalchishkov720.38
Vladimir Kislyakov660.34
Stanislav Bestuzhev630.33
Nikolay Kirikov240.13
Alexander Kolesnikov240.13
Mikhail Nikitsin230.12
Nikolay Yablokov170.09
Against all1,5668.163,75720.39
Valid votes19,18698.55
Invalid/blank votes2821.45
Total votes19,468100.00
Registered voters/turnout30,93962.92
Source: Election Commission of Nenets Autonomous Okrug[7][8]

Aftermath edit

On 18 February 2005, Alexey Barinov officially took office. In May 2006 he was arrested on charges of committing fraud.[9] On June 2 of the same year, President Vladimir Putin removed Barinov from the governorship and appointed the chief federal inspector for the region, Valery Potapenko as the interim governor of NAO. Later, in 2007, Barinov was acquitted.[10]

Literature edit

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Notes edit

  1. ^ Interim president installed after assassination of Akhmad Kadyrov
  2. ^ Interim governor installed after death of Anatoly Guzhvin
  3. ^ Disqualified from reelection
  4. ^ Acting governor after Vladimir Shamanov's resign
  5. ^ Barred from reelection

References edit