2003 Paraguayan general election

General elections were held in Paraguay on 27 April 2003.[1] The presidential elections were won by Nicanor Duarte of the Colorado Party, who received 38.3% of the vote. In the Congressional elections, the Colorado Party won 37 of the 80 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 16 of the 45 seats in the Senate. Voter turnout was 64.3% in the presidential election, 64.2% in the Senate election and 64.1% in the Chamber of Deputies election.[2]

2003 Paraguayan general election

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Presidential election
  Duarte Frutos.jpg Julio César Franco.jpg
Candidate Nicanor Duarte Julio César Franco
Party Colorado PLRA
Popular vote 574,232 370,348
Percentage 38.30% 24.70%

  Pedro Fadul Niella.jpg Noimage.png
Candidate Pedro Fadul Guillermo Sánchez Guffanti
Popular vote 328,916 208,391
Percentage 21.94% 13.90%

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President before election

Luis Ángel González Macchi


Nicanor Duarte

Parliamentary election

80 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
45 seats in the Senate
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Chamber of Deputies (41 seats for a majority)
Colorado Nicanor Duarte 35.27 37 -8
PLRA Julio César Franco 25.67 21 -5
PPQ Pedro Fadul 15.29 10 New
UNACE Guillermo Sánchez Guffanti 14.68 10 New
PPS Diego Abente Brun 3.34 2 New
Senate (23 seats needed for a majority)
Colorado 34.44 16 -8
PLRA 25.39 12 -1
PPQ 15.90 7 New
UNACE 14.30 7 New
PEN 2.11 1 -6
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.



Nicanor DuarteColorado Party574,23238.30
Julio César FrancoAuthentic Radical Liberal Party370,34824.70
Pedro Nicolás María Fadul NiellaBeloved Fatherland Party328,91621.94
Guillermo Sánchez GuffantiNational Union of Ethical Citizens208,39113.90
Diego Abente BrunNational Encounter Party8,7450.58
Tomás Zayas RoaPartido Patria Libre4,5590.30
Pedro Almada GaleanoBroad Front Party1,4430.10
Guillermo Gustavo Hellmers WeilerIndependent Democratic Force1,3700.09
Gladys Teresa Notario CortazaParaguayan Humanist Party1,1960.08
Valid votes1,499,20096.96
Invalid/blank votes46,9923.04
Total votes1,546,192100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,405,10864.29
Source: Justicia Electoral


Colorado Party508,50634.4416–8
Authentic Radical Liberal Party374,85425.3912–1
Beloved Fatherland Party234,74815.907New
National Union of Ethical Citizens211,07814.307New
Party for a Country of Solidarity67,4624.570New
National Encounter Party31,2122.111–6
Partido Patria Libre16,1511.090New
Revolutionary Febrerista Party10,2020.690New
Citizen's Force Movement6,7660.460New
Independent Party in Action3,7910.260New
Paraguayan Humanist Party3,5150.240New
Christian Democratic Party3,0100.2000
Broad Front Party2,8280.190New
Independent Democratic Force2,2840.150New
Valid votes1,476,40795.61
Invalid/blank votes67,8154.39
Total votes1,544,222100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,405,10864.21
Source: Nohlen

Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Colorado Party520,76135.2737–8
Authentic Radical Liberal Party379,06625.6721–5
Beloved Fatherland Party225,81115.2910New
National Union of Ethical Citizens216,80314.6810New
Party for a Country of Solidarity49,2803.342New
National Encounter Party39,3722.670–9
Partido Patria Libre16,4801.120New
Revolutionary Febrerista Party11,5420.780New
Citizen's Force Movement6,7490.460New
Paraguayan Humanist Party2,8670.190New
Broad Front Party2,6700.180New
Independent Party in Action1,9780.130New
Christian Democratic Party1,9270.1300
Independent Democratic Force1,3020.090New
Valid votes1,476,60895.75
Invalid/blank votes65,5644.25
Total votes1,542,172100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,405,10864.12
Source: Nohlen


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