President of Paraguay

The president of Paraguay (Spanish: Presidente del Paraguay), officially known as the President of the Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: Presidente de la República del Paraguay), is according to the Constitution of Paraguay the head of the executive branch of the Government of Paraguay, both head of state and head of government. His honorific title is Su Excelencia.

President of the
Republic of Paraguay
Presidente de la República del Paraguay
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Standard of the President of the Republic
24 11 2021 Encontro com o Presidente da República do Paraguai, Mario Abdo Benítez (51703646860) (cropped).jpg
Mario Abdo Benítez

since 15 August 2018
StyleMr. President
Most Excellent Mr. President of the Republic
Su Excelencia[1]
(alternative formal, diplomatic)
StatusHead of State
Head of Government
ResidenceMburuvicha Róga
SeatPalacio de los López, Asunción
AppointerDirect popular election
Term lengthFive years,
Formation13 March 1844
First holderCarlos Antonio López
DeputyVice President of Paraguay
Salary8,587 USD per month[2]

Under the 1992 constitution, the president is limited to a single five-year term. An attempt by the Senate to abolish term limits on 1 April 2017 resulted in protests;[3][4][5] it was ultimately rejected.[6]

The presidential seat is the Palacio de los López, in Asunción. The presidential residence is the Mburuvichá Roga, also in Asunción.

Once presidents leave office, they are granted by the Constitution of Paraguay the speaking-but-non-voting position of senator for life.[7]

The current president of Paraguay is Mario Abdo Benítez, since 15 August 2018.

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Latest electionEdit

Mario Abdo BenítezColorado Party1,206,06748.96
Efraín AlegreGreat Renewed National Alliance1,110,46445.08
Juan Bautista YbáñezParaguay Green Party84,0453.41
Jaro AnzoáteguiNational Artists' Movement15,4900.63
Atanasio GaleanoPopular Patriotic Movement Party9,9080.40
Ramón Ernesto BenítezPatriotic Reserve Movement9,3610.38
Pedro AlmadaBroad Front Party8,5900.35
Efraín EnríquezNational Sovereign Movement7,2910.30
Celino FerreiraMovimiento Civico Nacional Unamonos6,2950.26
Justo Germán OrtegaHeirs Democratic Socialist Party5,9300.24
Valid votes2,463,44194.82
Invalid/blank votes134,5485.18
Total votes2,597,989100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,241,50761.25
Source: TSJE

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  1. ^ Following standard protocols based on the Spanish Empire tradition: the style His Excellency is given to individuals that became Chiefs of State. Its generally a lifetime style for the individual. In Paraguay, former presidents (unless removed by impeachment) are given the honorific title of Senador Vitalicio and retain the style of Excellency. The style The Most Excellent (Excelentísimo Señor/a), following Spanish tradition, is given to High Ranking Officials that are NOT Chiefs of State. For example, the President of the Paraguayan Congress is Excelentísimo Señor/a. The style Excelentísimo Señor/a is ex officio (unless the individual who holds it forms part of the nobility).
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    (2) They will not count toward a quorum. They will have the right to speak, but not to vote."

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