2002 Union for a Popular Movement leadership election

The 2002 Union for a Popular Movement leadership election was held on November 17, 2002 to elect the leadership of the newly created Union for a Popular Movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire, UMP).

2002 Union for a Popular Movement leadership election

17 November 2002 (2002-11-17) 2004 →
  Alain Juppé in Washington DC.jpg Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 11-09-2011.jpg
Candidate Alain Juppé Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
Popular vote 37,822 7,098
Percentage 79.42% 14.91%

President before election

party created

Elected President

Alain Juppé

Alain Juppé, a former Prime Minister and close ally of President Jacques Chirac, became the new party's first president.

Presidential candidatesEdit

Candidates seeking to run for the party presidency needed to win the endorsements of at least 3% of party members. Each candidate created a "ticket" with two other party members for the offices of vice-president and secretary-general of the UMP.


UMP leadership election results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
UMP Alain Juppé / Jean-Claude Gaudin and Philippe Douste-Blazy 37,822 79.42
UMP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan / Sylvie Perrin and Christophe Beaudouin 7,098 14.91
UMP Rachid Kaci / Alexandre del Valle and Monique Boury 1,510 3.17
UMP Brigitte Freytag / Alexandre Chermezon and Cyril Lendrin 808 1.7
UMP Mourad Ghazli / Catherine Rigny and Philippe Licha 382 0.8