2001 Stewiacke Via derailment

The Stewiacke Via train derailment was a derailment that occurred 12 April 2001 in downtown Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Canada[1] resulting in 24 people being injured. The train was Via Rail's Ocean (train #15) travelling from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Montreal, Quebec carrying 123 passengers and a crew of nine at the time of the incident. The derailment occurred approximately where the old Stewiacke station once stood and was the result of a 13-year-old boy tampering with a railway switch.[2] At the time of the derailment the train was travelling at 77 kilometres per hour (48 mph). The locomotives, baggage car and first coach remained on the main line. Nine following cars up to number 8205 derailed. The crash resulted in the destruction of the dining car and a farm supply outlet.[3][4]

Stewiacke VIA train derailment
DateApril 12, 2001
14:24 (UTC−03)
LocationStewiacke, Nova Scotia
Coordinates45°8′17″N 63°21′02″W / 45.13806°N 63.35056°W / 45.13806; -63.35056
OperatorVia Rail
Incident typeDerailment
CauseTampered switch
Injured24 (nine seriously)

The train consisted of:
1. F40PH-2 Diesel-electric locomotive number 6405
2. F40PH-2 Diesel-electric locomotive number 6455
3. Baggage car number 8619
4. Coach number 8119
5. Coach number 8134
6. Coach number 8130
7. Coach number 8136
8. Skyline dome car number 8503
9. Dining car "Wascana" number 8417 (destroyed)
10. Sleeper car Château Rouville number 8225
11. Sleeper car Château Denonville number 8206
12. Sleeper car Château Latour number 8212
13. Sleeper car Château Verchères number 8228
14. Sleeper car Château Closse number 8205
15. Sleeper car Burton Manor number 8311
16. Laurentide Park car number 8709


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