1995 French municipal elections

Municipal elections were held in France on 11 and 18 June 1995, more or less than one month after Jacques Chirac's election.

The far-right National Front elected 3 mayors in Provence: Toulon, Orange, Marignane. It was the first time the far-right led an executive alone. In other races, Jean Tiberi (RPR) succeeded Jacques Chirac as Mayor of Paris. In Marseille, the UDF-Republican Jean-Claude Gaudin succeeded the socialist Gaston Defferre. In Lyon, former UDF Prime Minister Raymond Barre succeeded to another right-wing incumbent mayor.

Results Edit

Party/Alliance % (first round) Seats
  RPR-UDF 53.80 312,678
  PS-PCF-MDC-MRG 40.10 191,555
  FN 3.90 1,249
  Les Verts-Other ecologists 1.03 1,779
  Far-Left 0.74 642
  Miscellaneous 0.29 291
  Regionalists 0.10 424
  Far-Right 0.04 114

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