1994 Bulgarian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria on 18 December 1994.[1] The Democratic Left, the core of which was the Bulgarian Socialist Party, won 125 of the 240 seats, enough to govern without the support of parties from outside the coalition. Voter turnout was 75.3%.[2] Following the election, Socialist Party leader Zhan Videnov became Prime Minister.[3]

1994 Bulgarian parliamentary election
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All 240 seats in the National Assembly
121 seats needed for a majority
Turnout75.23% Decrease 8.64 pp
Party Leader % Seats +/–
DL Zhan Videnov 43.50 125 +19
SDS Philip Dimitrov 24.23 69 -41
BZNSDP Anastasia Mozer 6.51 18 New
DPS Ahmed Dogan 5.44 15 -9
BBB George Ganchev 4.73 13 +13
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Reneta Indzhova
Zhan Videnov


Democratic Left2,262,94343.50125+19
Union of Democratic Forces1,260,37424.2369−41
People's Union (BZNSDP)338,4786.5118+18
Movement for Rights and Freedoms283,0945.4415−9
Bulgarian Business Bloc245,8494.7313+13
Democratic Alternative for the Republic (GORBSDPZPASLP)197,0573.7900
Bulgarian Communist Party78,6061.5100
New Choice Union77,6411.490New
Patriotic Union74,3501.4300
Kingdom of Bulgaria Federation73,2051.4100
Kingdom of Bulgaria National Movement for Crowned Democracy40,6420.780New
Kingdom of Bulgaria' Union of Monarchist Forces31,8840.610New
Bulgarian National Radical Party27,8530.5400
Democratic Party of Justice24,0230.460New
Movement for the Protection of Pensioners, the Unemployed, and Underprivileged Citizens18,9340.360New
Party of Democratic Change14,1450.270New
Bulgarian Agrarian National Union – 'Turnovo Constitution' National Block13,1760.250New
Organisation of Invalids and Underprivileged Citizens of Bulgaria12,9780.2500
Forward Bulgaria Movement10,1050.190New
Christian Democratic Union8,2460.160New
Free Democratic Party7,4630.1400
Transfiguration Forum7,4470.140New
Democratic Party of Bulgaria6,4390.120New
Alliance for Socialism6,0190.120New
Bulgarian League for the Protection of the Rights of People and Citizens5,9570.110New
Union of Justice5,0290.100New
Bulgarian Revolutionary Party of Youth4,7030.0900
Free Co-operative Party4,3000.0800
Union of Free Democrats3,9990.080New
Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party3,8270.0700
BRSP – Bulgarian Worker-Rural Party3,6610.0700
Bulgarian Fatherland Party – 'National Union'3,6520.0700
Bulgarian National Union3,5650.070New
Party of Proprietors of Bulgaria3,5580.0700
Front of Progressive Forces of Bulgaria3,4570.070New
National Liberal Party–Stefan Stambolov2,8760.0600
Democratic Party of Labour2,4500.050New
Republican Party of Bulgaria1,9730.040New
Bulgarian Democratic Party for European and World States1,9240.0400
Bulgarian Eagle Party1,6050.0300
Union of Non-partisan Guarantors1,3570.0300
Union of Bulgarian Communities1,1650.020New
Civic Initiative DGI–SDS Movement3720.010New
Unity Party1430.000New
Alliance of the Nation – Movement of the Downtrodden570.000New
Valid votes5,202,06598.82
Invalid/blank votes62,3831.18
Total votes5,264,448100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,997,95475.23
Source: University of Essex


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