1991 Netherlands Antilles island council elections

Island council elections were held in the Netherlands Antilles on 12 April 1991 to elect the members of the island councils of its five island territories. The election was won by the Bonaire Patriotic Union (6 seats) in Bonaire, the National People's Party (10 seats) in Curaçao, the Windward Islands People's Movement (4 seats) in Saba, and the Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance (4 seats) in Sint Maarten.

1991 Netherlands Antilles island council elections

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All 49 seats in the island councils of Bonaire (9), Curaçao (21),
Saba (5), Sint Eustatius (5) and Sint Maarten (9)

Results edit

Bonaire edit

Bonaire Patriotic Union2,75952.166
Bonaire Social Party1,08020.422
Bonaire Democratic Party80715.261
Bonaire Workers' Party4879.210
Caribbean Alliance for Solidarity1562.950
Valid votes5,28997.66
Invalid/blank votes1272.34
Total votes5,416100.00
Source: Amigoe[1]

Curaçao edit

National People's Party33,16447.0210+2
Workers' Liberation FrontSoshal Independiente16,60323.545+2
New Antilles Movement10,36014.693–3
Democratic Party6,6249.392–2
Nos Patria3,7805.361New
Source: Amigoe,[2][3] Hoofdstembureau Curaçao[4]

Saba edit

Windward Islands People's Movement43771.994+2
Saba Democratic Labour Movement17028.011–2
Source: Johnson[5]

Sint Maarten edit

The Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance (SPA) led by Vance James Jr. emerged as the largest party, winning 4 of the 9 seats. The SPA and the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) agreed to form a coalition government. On 28 August 1991 the SPA–PDP government collapsed. PDP political leader Millicent Acuna Lopez-de Weever said that "fundamental philosophical differences" with the SPA caused the coalition "to break".

Sint Maarten Patriotic Alliance3,45740.064+2
Democratic Party2,83732.883–4
Progressive Democratic Party1,74520.222New
National Reformation Party4385.080New
United Democratic Party690.800New
Antillean National Movement360.420New
People's Electoral Movement280.320New
Partido Pro Penshonado190.220New
Source: Lynch & Lynch[6]

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