Bonaire Democratic Party

The Bonaire Democratic Party (Dutch: Bonaire Democratische Partij, Papiamento: Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano) is a political party in Bonaire, the former Netherlands Antilles. It was founded in 1954 by Julio Antonio Abraham. At the legislative elections in the Netherlands Antilles, 18 January 2002, the party won 2.6% of the popular vote and 1 out of 22 Parliament seats. At the elections of 27 January 2006, the party kept 1 seat. Of the total turnout, the party got 45% of the votes. The Democratic Party of Bonaire is a progressive social-democratic party that stands for expanded autonomy for the island of Bonaire.[1] On March 18, 2015 the party got 3 of the 9 seats available and formed the government with the UPB.


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