1990 Austrian legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Austria on 7 October 1990.[1] The Social Democratic Party won the most seats, and retained the grand coalition with the Austrian People's Party. Voter turnout was 86%.[2]

1990 Austrian legislative election

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183 seats in the National Council
92 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  SPÖ Presse und Kommunikation 52 (7534272276) (cropped).jpg Josef Riegler Steiermark (cropped 2).jpg
Leader Franz Vranitzky Josef Riegler
Last election 43.12%, 80 seats 41.29%, 77 seats
Seats won 80 60
Seat change 0 Decrease 17
Popular vote 2,012,787 1,508,600
Percentage 42.78% 32.06%
Swing Decrease0.34pp Decrease9.23pp

  Third party Fourth party
  Haider, Jörg (cropped).jpg Johannes Voggenhuber (cropped).jpg
Leader Jörg Haider Johannes Voggenhuber
Party FPÖ Greens
Last election 9.73%, 18 seats 4.82%, 8 seats
Seats won 33 10
Seat change Increase 15 Increase 2
Popular vote 782,648 225,084
Percentage 16.63% 4.78%
Swing Increase6.90pp Decrease0.04pp

1990 Austrian legislative election - Results.svg
Results of the election, showing seats won by state and nationwide. States are shaded according to the first-place party.

Chancellor before election

Franz Vranitzky

Elected Chancellor

Franz Vranitzky


Socialist Party of Austria2,012,78742.78800
Austrian People's Party1,508,60032.0660–17
Freedom Party of Austria782,64816.6333+15
Green AlternativeFreda Meissner-Blau List225,0844.7810+2
United Greens of Austria92,2771.9600
Alliance of Welfare Beneficiaries35,8330.760New
Communist Party of Austria25,6820.5500
Christian Electoral Community9,2630.200New
Christian Democratic Party6,1940.130New
Grey Austrians' Election Platform3,9960.080New
Fritz Georg2,5300.050New
Valid votes4,704,89497.03
Invalid/blank votes143,8472.97
Total votes4,848,741100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,628,91286.14
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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