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The 44th Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance bicycle stage race and one of the 3 grand tours, was held from April 24 to May 15, 1989. It consisted of 21 stages covering a total of 3656 km,[1] and was won by Pedro Delgado of the Reynolds cycling team. The route was released on January 21, 1989.[2]

1989 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 24 April - 15 May
Stages 21 + Prologue
Distance 3,656 km (2,272 mi)
Winning time 93h 01' 47"
Winner  Pedro Delgado (ESP) (Reynolds)
  Second  Fabio Parra (COL) (Kelme)
  Third  Óscar Vargas (COL) (Postobón)

Points  Malcolm Elliott (GBR) (Teka)
Mountains  Óscar Vargas (COL) (Postobón)
  Youth  Ivan Ivanov (USSR) (Alfa Lum)
  Combination  Óscar Vargas (COL) (Postobón)
  Sprints  Miguel Ángel Iglesias (ESP) (Helios - CR)
  Team Kelme
← 1988
1990 →
Fabio Parra during the final time trial from Valladolid to Medina del Campo where he started only 2 seconds behind Delgado
Pedro ‘Perico’ Delgado overtakes an opponent during the penultimate time trial

Pedro Delgado had won the previous Tour de France and was seen as the favourite for the race. Delgado came with a Reynolds team that contained Miguel Indurain who had just won Paris–Nice and was also seen as a potential favourite. The first few days of the race saw the leaders jersey change shoulders from Gino de Bakker, Benny van Brabant and Roland LeClercq. The Colombian Omar Hernández took the lead on the fifth stage. On the 11th stage to Cerler, Delgado battled with four Colombians and won the stage. He won the stage 14 time trial where Colombian Martin Farfan took the leaders jersey. On the following stage to Santander, Delgado took the jersey. However Delgados team had a bad day several stages later when Indurain fell and broke his wrist and Delgado had difficulty keeping the jersey from Fabio Parra. Parra was only two seconds behind Delgado on the general classification at one stage. The final time trial was the final chance for Parra to try to take the jersey from Delgado but Delgado won and increased his lead to win his third grand tour.



Final General ClassificationEdit

Rank Rider Team Time
1   Pedro Delgado Reynolds 93h 01' 47s
2   Fabio Parra Kelme a 35s
3   Óscar Vargas Postobón a 3' 09s
4   Federico Echave BH-Sport a 3' 24s
5   Álvaro Pino BH-Sport a 4' 28s
6   Ivan Ivanov Alfa Lum a 5' 00s
7   Iñaki Gastón Kelme a 7' 24s
8   Pedro Saúl Morales Kelme a 7' 59s
9   Jean Claude Bagot R.M.O. a 8' 23s
10   Luc Suykerbuyk Lotus-Zahor a 9' 44s
11   Angel Ocana Perez Lotus-Zahor a 12' 08s
12   Martín Ramírez Café de Colombia a 12' 18s
13   Carlos Jaramillo Postobón a 12' 41s
14   Jaanus Kuum AD Renting
15   José Martín Farfán Café de Colombia
16   Jesús Blanco Villar Seur
17   Héctor Patarroyo Postobón
18   Pedro Ruiz Cabestany ONCE
19   Gerardo Moncada Postobón
20   Marino Lejarreta Caja Rural-Orbea
21   Enrique Aja Cagigas Teka
22   Javier Murguialday BH Sport
23   Jon Unzaga Bombin Seur
24   Eduardo Chozas Olmo ONCE
25   Didier Virvaleix Histor-Sigma


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