1987 Turkish constitutional referendum

A constitutional referendum was held in Turkey on 6 September 1987 to amend the "temporary article" 4 of the constitution, which had forbidden the leaders of banned parties (a total of 242 people) from taking part in politics for 10 years. The governing party ANAP agreed to the referendum after a compromise with the opposition parties regarding constitutional changes. ANAP campaigned for No, while most opposition parties campaigned for Yes vote. The changes were narrowly approved by 50.2% of voters, with a 93.36% turnout.[1]


Turkish constitutional referendum, 1987
Choice Votes %
  Yes 11,711,461 50.2
No 11,636,395 49.8
Valid votes 23,347,856 95.5
Invalid or blank votes 1,088,965 4.5
Total votes 24,436,821 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 26,095,630 93.6


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