1986 Yugoslavian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Yugoslavia between 10 March and 10 May 1986 through a complicated delegate system which selected delegates to local, republic, and federal assemblies.[1]

1986 Yugoslavian parliamentary election

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All 220 seats in the Federal Chamber
All 88 seats in the Chamber of Republics and Provinces
  First party
  Vidoje Zarkovic.jpg
Leader Vidoje Žarković
Party SKJ
Alliance SSRNJ
Seats won 220

Prime Minister before election

Milka Planinc

Prime Minister after election

Branko Mikulić


The elections were the fourth held under the 1974 Yugoslav Constitution, approved on 31 January 1974, which established a bicameral Assembly with a Federal Chamber of 220 members and a Chamber of Republics and Provinces of 88 members.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The members of the Federal Chamber represented three groups: self-managing organizations, communities and socio-political organizations. 30 members were elected for the six republics and 20 for the two autonomous provinces, Kosovo and Vojvodina.[1]


The Federal Council was elected between 10 March and 21 April, and the Chamber of Republics and Provinces on 10 May. The Federal Executive Council was elected on 15 May, with Branko Mikulić as the President (Prime Minister).[2] The Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia was elected between 25 and 28 June, with Milanko Renovica as the President.