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The 1985 Budweiser GT was the sixth round of the 1985 World Endurance Championship. Several teams from the Camel GT Championship also participated, under the GTP, GTO, and GTU classes. It took place at Mosport Park, Canada on August 11, 1985.


Winkelhock accidentEdit

In the early portions of the race, Manfred Winkelhock was driving the Kremer Racing Porsche 962C after taking over from teammate Marc Surer. At the beginning of the car's 69th lap, Winkelhock's Porsche went off course during the long downhill Turn 2. The car hit the concrete barrier at the bottom of the hill head-on. Caution came out immediately and lasted for 56 minutes as safety crews attempted to extract Winkelhock from the wreckage.

Winkelhock was flown by medical helicopter to Sunnybrook Medical Centre near Toronto suffering from severe head trauma while the race resumed. Winkelhock died the following day after failing to recover from surgery.[1]

Official resultsEdit

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of the winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 C1 2   Rothmans Porsche   Hans-Joachim Stuck
  Derek Bell
Porsche 956 D 253
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
2 C1 1   Rothmans Porsche   Jochen Mass
  Jacky Ickx
Porsche 962C D 253
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
3 C1 52   TWR Jaguar   Jean-Louis Schlesser
  Mike Thackwell
  Martin Brundle
Jaguar XJR-6 D 234
Jaguar 6.2 L V12
4 C1 11   Porsche Kremer Racing   Ludwig Heimrath, Sr.
  Ludwig Heimrath, Jr.
  Kees Kroesemeijer
Porsche 956 G 234
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
5 C2 70   Spice Engineering   Gordon Spice
  Ray Bellm
Spice-Tiga GC85 A 231
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
6 C2 74   Gebhardt Motorsport   Frank Jelinski
  John Graham
Gebhardt JC853 A 225
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 L V8
7 GTP 18   Bieri Racing
  Fomfor Racing
  Uli Bieri
  Matt Gysler
Sauber C7 G 211
Chevrolet 6.0 L V8
8 C2 88   Ark Racing   David Andrews
  Max Payne
Ceekar 83J A 203
Ford Cosworth BDX 2.0 L I4
9 GTO 165   Gerry English   Gerry English
  Jerry Thompson
Chevrolet Camaro H 199
Chevrolet 6.0 L V8
10 GTU 154   Zwiren Racing   Steve Zwiren
  Peter Dawe
  Robert Peters
Mazda RX-7 H 184
Mazda 13B 1.3 L 2-Rotor
C2 80   Carma F.F.   Carlo Facetti
  Martino Finotto
  Jean-Pierre Frey
Alba AR6 A 218
Carma FF 1.9 L Turbo I4
C2 82   Grifo Autoracing   Pasquale Barberio
  Maurizio Gellini
Alba AR3 D 157
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C1 34   Cosmik Racing   Christian Danner
  Costas Los
  Mikael Nabrink
March 84G Y 148
Porsche Type-956 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
C2 98   Roy Baker Promotions   Joe DeMarco
  Chuck Grantham
Tiga GC285 A 146
Ford Cosworth BDT 1.8 L Turbo I4
GTO 153   No Team Name   Rudy Bartling
  Fritz Hochreuter
Porsche Carrera RSR ? 125
Porsche 3.0 L Flat-6
GTO 139   R & H Racing   Rainer Brezinka
  Jack Burnett
  John Centano
Porsche Carrera RSR ? 103
Porsche 3.0 L Flat-6
C1 9   Porsche Kremer Racing   Manfred Winkelhock
  Marc Surer
Porsche 962C G 69
Porsche Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6
C2 100   John Barlett Racing   Stanley Dickens
  Robin Smith
  Max Cohen-Olivar
Chevron B62 A 27
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3 L V8
C1 51   TWR Jaguar   Martin Brundle
  Mike Thackwell
Jaguar XJR-6 D 12
Jaguar 6.2 L V12

† - #80 Carma F.F. was disqualified after completing the final lap of the race too slowly.


  • Pole Position - #2 Rothmans Porsche - 1:09.775
  • Fastest Lap - #2 Rothmans Porsche - 1:12.915
  • Average Speed - 168.886 km/h


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