1980 Pontins Camber Sands

The 1980 Pontins Camber Sands Championship was a professional invitational snooker tournament which took place in May 1980 in Rye, England.[1]

1980 Pontins Camber Sands
Tournament information
Dates10–17 May 1980
VenueCamber Sands Holiday Village
FormatNon-ranking event
ChampionNorthern Ireland Alex Higgins
Runner-upNorthern Ireland Dennis Taylor

Laid out similarly to the Pontins Professional championships, the tournament featured eight professional players. The quarter-final matches were contested over the best of 7 frames, the semi-final matches over the best of 9 frames, and the final over the best of 17 frames.

Alex Higgins won the event, beating Dennis Taylor 9–7 in the final.[2]

Main drawEdit


Best of 7 frames
Best of 9 frames
Best of 17 frames
  Alex Higgins 4
  Bill Werbeniuk 2   Alex Higgins 5
  Graham Miles 4   Graham Miles 1
  John Pulman 0   Alex Higgins 9
  Dennis Taylor 4   Dennis Taylor 7
  Cliff Thorburn 3   Dennis Taylor 5
  Doug Mountjoy 4   Doug Mountjoy 3
  Kirk Stevens 1


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