1979 World Cup (men's golf)

The 1979 World Cup took place 8–11 November at the Glyfada Golf Club, 13 kilometres south of the city center of Athens, Greece, located in the Athens Riviera. It was the 27th World Cup event. The tournament was a 72-hole stroke play team event with 46 notified teams. Each team consisted of two players from a country. The South Africa team was invited to the event and their team of Hugh Baiocchi and Dale Hayes took part in practice and pro-am competition, but was informed by the Greece government shortly before the beginning of competition, they were not allowed to start.[1] The combined score of each team determined the team results. The United States team of John Mahaffey and Hale Irwin won by ten strokes over the Scotland team of Ken Brown and Sandy Lyle.

1979 World Cup
Tournament information
Dates8–11 November
LocationAthens, Greece
37°52′N 23°45′E / 37.867°N 23.750°E / 37.867; 23.750
Course(s)Glyfada Golf Club
Format72 holes stroke play
combined score
Length6,809 yards (6,226 m)
Field45 two-man teams
Winner's share$6,000 team
$3,000 individual
 United States
Hale Irwin & John Mahaffey
575 (−1)
Location Map
Glyfada GC is located in Europe
Glyfada GC
Glyfada GC
Location in Europe
Glyfada GC is located in Balkans
Glyfada GC
Glyfada GC
Location in Balkans
Glyfada GC is located in Greece
Glyfada GC
Glyfada GC
Location in Greece
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The individual competition for the International Trophy was won by Irwin two strokes ahead of Bernhard Langer, West Germany and Lyle, Scotland.


Country Players
  Argentina Jorge Soto and Adan Sowa
  Australia Colin Bishop and Ross Metherell
  Austria Oswald Gartenmaier and Rudolfo Hauser
  Belgium Philippe Toussaint and Flory Van Donck
  Brazil Jaime Gonzalez and Rafael Navarro
  Burma Maun Pyone and Ko Ko Lay
  Canada Dan Halldorson and Jim Nelford
  Chile Francisco Cerda and Patricio Valenzuela
  Colombia Luis Arevalo and Juan Pinzon
  Denmark Herluf Hansen and Jorgen Korfitsen
  Dominican Republic Jack Corrie and Guillermo Gomez
  Egypt Farouk Badr and Mohamed Said Moussa
  England Mark James and Michael King
  Fiji Aran Kumar and Bose Lutunatabua
  France Jean Garaïalde and Bernard Pascassio
  Greece Bassili Anastassiou (a) and Bassili Karatzas (a)
  Guatemala Roberto Galindo and Hilario Polo
  Hong Kong Lai Wai Che and Peter Tang
  Indonesia Engrun Tiahyana and Murat Satibi
  Ireland Eddie Polland and Des Smyth
  Israel Laurie Been (a) and Neil Schochet (a)
  Italy Baldovino Dassù and Delio Lovato
  Japan Kazuo Yoshikawa and Kaichi Inoue
  Lebanon Ziki Mukdad and Robert Prince
  Malaysia Marimuthu Ramayah and Nazamuddin Yusof[2]
  Mexico Enrique Serna and Victor Regalado
  Netherlands Jan Dorrestein and Simon Van Den Berg
  New Zealand Craig Owen and Barry Vivian
  Norway Ole Hammer (a) and Johan Horn (a)
  Philippines Eleuterio Nival and Rudy Lavares
  Portugal Sebastiao Gil and Domingo Silva
  Scotland Ken Brown and Sandy Lyle
  Singapore Lim Swee Wah and Poh Eng Chong
  South Korea Cho Tae-ho and Choi Yoon-soo
  Spain Antonio Garrido and Manuel Piñero
  Sweden Sayed Cherif and Jan Sonnevi
   Switzerland Patrick Bagnoud and Mauric Salmini
  Taiwan Chen Tze-ming and Lu Hsi-chuen
  Thailand Sukree Onsham and Archin Sopon
  United States Hale Irwin and John Mahaffey
  Venezuela Noel Machado and Ramón Muñoz
  Wales Brian Huggett and David Vaughan
  West Germany Manfred Kessler and Bernhard Langer
  Yugoslavia Rafael Jerman (a) and Marko Vovk (a)

(a) denotes amateur

Note: Sayed Cherif was representing Sweden, having played for Egypt in previous World Cup events.



# Country Score To par Money (US$)
1   United States 141-141-152-141=575 −1 6,000
2   Scotland 145-145-150-140=580 +4 3,000
3   Spain 147-153-144-146=590 +14
4   Brazil 148-144-153-148=593 +17
5   Taiwan 144-149-146-155=594 +18
6   Ireland 150-153-148-146=597 +21
T7   Canada 150-148-155-146=599 +23
  Japan 147-150-151-151=599
T9   England 153-145-147-155=600 +24
  France 151-150-150-149=600
T11   Malaysia 149-154-149-150=602 +26
  West Germany 160-145-150-147=602
13   Mexico 150-150-152-153=605 +29
14   Colombia 151-153-152-152=608 +32
15   New Zealand 156-155-150-149=610 +34
16   Venezuela 151-155-150-157=613 +37
17   Belgium 154-154-154-153=615 +39
18   South Korea 152-154-151-161=618 +42
T19   Philippines 147-154-157-161=619 +43
  Wales 150-157-155-157=619
21   Argentina 160-158-148-155=621 +45
22   Chile 155-159-160-148=622 +46
23   Greece 159-160-154-153=626 +50
24   Thailand 165-158-154-151=628 +52
T25   Australia 160-166-153-155=634 +58
  Sweden 158-162-154-160=634
27   Denmark 161-163-155-157=636 +60
28   Austria 166-155-155-161=637 +61
29   Netherlands 161-161-154-162=638 +62
30   Egypt 162-157-159-161=639 +63
T31   Guatemala 162-162-154-162=640 +64
   Switzerland 162-158-161-159=640
T33   Hong Kong 158-156-162-167=643 +67
  Singapore 162-168-162-151=643
T35   Dominican Republic 160-156-166-164=646 +70
  Portugal 159-164-156-167=646
37   Indonesia 169-164-158-163=654 +78
38   Lebanon 172-157-158-168=655 +79
39   Norway 169-165-158-170=662 +86
40   Fiji 166-178-159-163=666 +90
41   Burma 167-168-170-163=668 +92
42   Israel 165-172-169-177=683 +107
43   Paraguay 170-174-183-175=702 +126
44   Yugoslavia 188-186-177-184=735 +159
DQ   Italy 158-143-148-DQ

Dassù of Italy was disqualified after signing an incorrect scorecard.[3]

International Trophy

# Player Country Score To par Money US$
1 Hale Irwin   United States 74-70-72-69=285 −3 3,000
T2 Bernhard Langer   West Germany 74-70-71-71=287 −1
Sandy Lyle   Scotland 72-73-73-69=287
4 Jaime Gonzalez   Brazil 73-71-72-72=288 E
5 Antonio Garrido   Spain 74-76-66-73=289 +1
6 John Mahaffey   United States 67-71-80-72=290 +2
7 Ramón Muñoz   Venezuela 72-78-70-72=292 +4
T8 Ken Brown   Scotland 73-72-77-71=293 +5
Lu Hsi-chuen   Taiwan 71-73-72-77=293
Kazuo Yoshikawa   Japan 71-74-73-75=293



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