1979 Somali parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Somalia on 30 December 1979. The elections were the first since 1969 and the first to be held under the new constitution approved in a referendum held in August, which had made the country a one-party state. As a result, the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP) was the only party to participate in the election, with voters being asked to vote yes or no to a single list of 171 candidates.[1] A reported 99.95% of voters ultimately approved the list. The Assembly elected Siad Barre as President, who then nominated a further six members to the Assembly.[2]


Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party3,982,53299.95171
Appointed members6
Valid votes3,984,35899.96
Invalid/blank votes1,4800.04
Total votes3,985,838100.00
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union, Osman Haji,[3]


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