1977 New Caledonian legislative election

Legislative elections were held in New Caledonia on 11 September 1977.[1] Anti-autonomy parties won 19 of the 35 seats.[2]

Campaign edit

A total of 495 candidates contested the elections, representing 19 parties.[3] For the first time, parties were allowed party political broadcasts on radio and television, with time allocated on the basis of seats held in the outgoing Assembly and local government.[3] The campaign was described by Pacific Islands Monthly as "exceptionally savage".[3]

Results edit

Women were elected to the Assembly for the first time,[3] with Marie-Paule Serve and Edwige Antier winning seats.[1] Of the 35 elected members, 22 were new to the Assembly.[3]

Anti-autonomy parties (Rally for Caledonia, the Caledonian Liberal Movement, the New Caledonian Union, the Union for Caledonian Renewal, the All Ethnicity Union and the Democratic Union) won 19 seats; pro-independence parties (the Caledonian Union, the Party of Kanak Liberation and the United Front of Kanak Liberation) won 12 seats, with the remaining four held by pro-autonomy parties (the Caledonian Socialist Party and the Melanesian Progressive Union).[2]

Rally for Caledonia12New
Caledonian Union9–3
Caledonian Socialist Party3New
Caledonian Liberal Movement2–3
New Caledonian Union2New
Party of Kanak Liberation2New
All Ethnicities' Agreement1New
Democratic Union1–3
Melanesian Progressive Union1New
Union for Caledonian Renewal1New
United Front of Kanak Liberation1New
Source: Leblic

Elected members edit

Constituency Member Party Notes
East (7 seats) Stanley Camerlynck New Caledonian Union
Yves de Villelongue Rally for Caledonia
André Gopea Melanesian Progressive Union Re-elected (previously UM)
Éloi Machoro Caledonian Union
Auguste Parawi-Reybas Rally for Caledonia
Daniel Poigoune Party of Kanak Liberation
Jean-Marie Tjibaou Caledonian Union
Islands (5 seats) Nidoïsh Naisseline Party of Kanak Liberation
Dick Ukeiwé Rally for Caledonia Re-elected (previously UD in South)
Yann Céléné Uregeï United Front of Kanak Liberation Re-elected (previously UM)
Édouard Wapaé Caledonian Union
Yeiwéné Yeiwéné Caledonian Union
South (16 seats) Edwige Antier Union for the Renewal of New Caledonia
Alain Bernut Caledonian Socialist Party Re-elected (previously MPC)
Victorin Boewa Rally for Caledonia
Jacques Bouttin Rally for Caledonia
Pierre Declercq Caledonian Union
Pierre Frogier Rally for Caledonia
Max Frouin Caledonian Liberal Movement Re-elected
Claude Fournier Caledonian Socialist Party Re-elected (previously MPC)
Roger Laroque Rally for Caledonia Re-elected (previously EDS)
Jean Lèques Caledonian Liberal Movement Re-elected
Petelo Manuofiua Rally for Caledonia
Jacques Mouren Rally for Caledonia
Raymond Mura All Ethnicities' Agreement
Rock Pidjot Caledonian Union Re-elected
Marie-Paule Serve Rally for Caledonia
Jacques Violette Caledonian Socialist Party
West (7 seats) Jean-Pierre Aïfa New Caledonian Union Re-elected (previously in UC)
François Burck Caledonian Union
Jean Delouvrier Rally for Caledonia
Maurice Lenormand Caledonian Union Re-elected (previously in South)
Gaston Morlet Democratic Union
Gabriel Païta Caledonian Union Re-elected
Joseph Tidjine Rally for Caledonia Re-elected (previously UD)
Source: Congress

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