Pacific Islands Monthly

Pacific Islands Monthly, commonly referred to as "PIM", was a magazine founded in 1930 in Sydney by New Zealand born journalist R.W. Robson.

Pacific Islands Monthly
EditorR.W. Robson
FounderRobert William Robson
Final issue2000
ISSN0030-8722 (print)
1563-5759 (web)


Pacific Islands Monthly was started in Sydney in 1930.[1] The first issue ran in August 1930.[1] It consisted of 12 pages and was in the format of a newspaper. The following year it was presented in magazine format.[2] Its founder Robert William Robson, who was originally from New Zealand, moved to Sydney, Australia during World War I.[3] The journalists for the magazine were said to be some of the Pacific's most respected.[4]

During the 1940s the magazine included advertisements for W. R. Carpenter & Co.[5]

The magazine ran for approximately 70 years with the first issue on 16 August 1930 and the last issue on 1 June 2000.[6]

Pacific Islands Monthly (1931-2000) has been digitised, and is now freely available online through Trove.[7]


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