1975 Isle of Man TT

The 1975 Isle of Man TT was the sixth round of the 1975 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 4–6 June 1975 at the Snaefell Mountain Course.

Isle of Man  1975 Isle of Man TT
Race details
Race 6 of 12 races in the
1975 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Isle of Man TT Course (OpenStreetMap).svg
Date6 June 1975
Official nameManx Grand Prix[1][2][3]
LocationSnaefell Mountain Course
  • Public roads
  • 60.725 km (37.733 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider United Kingdom Tony Rutter
Time 21:35.800
Fastest lap
Rider United Kingdom Mick Grant
Time 2:15'27.600
First United Kingdom Mick Grant
Second United Kingdom John Williams
Third United Kingdom Chas Mortimer
350 cc
Pole position
Rider Unknown
Fastest lap
Rider Unknown
First United Kingdom Charlie Williams
Second United Kingdom Chas Mortimer
Third United Kingdom Tom Herron
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Unknown
Fastest lap
Rider Unknown
First United Kingdom Chas Mortimer
Second United Kingdom Derek Chatterton
Third United Kingdom John Williams
125 cc
Pole position
Rider None
Fastest lap
Rider None
First None
Second None
Third None
50 cc
Pole position
Rider None
Fastest lap
Rider None
First None
Second None
Third None

500cc classificationEdit

Pos. Rider Team Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1   Mick Grant Boyer Team Kawasaki Kawasaki 2:15'27.600 15
2   John Williams Yamaha +31.200 12
3   Chas Mortimer Sarome Racing Yamaha +2'55.200 10
4   Billie Guthrie Yamaha +2'58.600 8
5   Steve Tonkin McVeigh-Yamaha +4'05.600 6
6   Geoff Barry EC Oakley Yamsel +4'07.200 5
7   Charlie Williams Yamaha +4'10.400 4
8   Tony Rutter Yamaha +4'19.000 3
9   Helmut Kassner Yamaha +4'57.400 2
10   Les Kenny Renstar-Yamaha +4'58.200 1
11   Martyn Sharpe Barton Motors Yamaha +6'16.200
12   Bill Simpson Yamaha +8'18.400
13   David Hughes Matchless +8'36.000
14   John Weeden Yamaha +8'42.400
15   Selwyn Griffiths Matchless +9'14.200
16   Roger Sutcliffe Suzuki +9'28.400
17   Neil Tuxworth Yamaha +9'44.800
18   Paul Cott Yamaha +9'57.400
19   Derek Chatterton Chatterton Motors Yamaha +10'26.000
20   Barry Ditchburn Boyer Team Kawasaki Kawasaki +10'50.800
21   Tom Herron Matchless +11'11.600
22   Bernard Murray Albion Street Motors Yamaha +11'50.000
23   Tom Newell Norton +12'26.000
24   Henry McEwan Bill Robertson Motors Yamaha +13'29.800
25   James Scott Yamaha +13'40.600
26   Malcolm Lucas Fred Hanks Motorcycles Norton +15'00.000
27   Hans-Otto Butenuth Yamaha +17'15.200
28   Frank Rutter Yamaha +17'32.400
29   Bo Granath Husqvarna +18'34.000
30   Donal Cormican Yamaha +19'29.200
31   Fred Walton Velocette +21'26.600
32   Walter Dawson Seeley +21'52.400
33   Ernie Coates Yamaha +27'38.800
34   James Ashton Yamaha +28'19.800
35   Malcolm Moffat Yamaha +29'29.800
36   Derek Loan Barton Motors Suzuki +28'06.600
37   Tom Robinson Yamaha +30'40.800
38   Chris Neve Yamaha +32'37.400
39   Gerry Mateer Yamaha +33'52.400
Ret   John Taylor Yamaha Retired
Ret   Alex George Yamaha Retired
Ret   Roger Nichols Yamaha Retired
Ret   Abe Alexander Yamsel Retired
Ret   Bill Rae Yamaha Retired
Ret   Abe Walsh Ducati Retired
Ret   Alan North Yamaha Retired
Ret   Bill Henderson Yamaha Retired
Ret   Brian Warburton Suzuki Retired
Ret   Graham Waring Yamaha Retired
Ret   Jan Kostwinder Yamaha Retired
Ret   Horst Gluck BMW Retired
Ret   Hartley Kerner Honda Retired
Ret   Donald Grant Norton Retired
Ret   Bernie Toleman Suzuki Retired
Ret   Bill Robertson Suzuki Retired
Ret   Mick Poxon Suzuki Retired
Ret   Barry Randle Yamaha Retired
Ret   Bill Smith Yamaha Retired
Ret   Bob Heath Yamaha Retired
Ret   Brian Moses Yamaha Retired
Ret   Dennis Trollope Yamaha Retired
Ret   Derek Tierney Yamaha Retired
Ret   Ian Richards Yamaha Retired
Ret   Ken Huggett Yamaha Retired
Ret   Martin Read Yamaha Retired
Ret   Mick Burns Yamaha Retired
Ret   Mick Chatterton Yamaha Retired
Ret   Norman Dunn Yamaha Retired
Ret   Percy Tait Yamaha Retired
Ret   Peter Grove Yamaha Retired
Ret   Phil Carpenter Yamaha Retired
Ret   Phil Gurner Yamaha Retired
Ret   Alan Rogers Yamsel Retired
Ret   Denis Gallagher Yamsel Retired


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